Assassin's Creed Valhalla |OT| How To Train Your Blade

Played 3 hrs so far.

I’m in love.

This looks and feels like a PC Game, and the exploration and story is awesome!

Really looking forward to sinking my fangs in more today.

I’ve played a bit of WDL and now playing ACV, even as a fan of London ACV is the easy choice for me.

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That’s what I said we are finally hitting the PC standard that would make you jealous when watching all those youtubers play these games with incredibly solid IQ and high framerates.

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In case anyone is like me, and hate the default controls in valhalla, below is what I’ve found to be a good alternate control scheme to match Origins/Odyssey. I don’t believe there are any actual conflicts with this setup. I’ll just list what I changed.


Parkour = RT

Drop Down = RB


Open/close sail = RT


Light Attack = X

Heavy Attack = Y

Assassinate = X

Smoke Screen = Left thumb stick or down on the d-pad

Dodge/Roll = B

Melee Abilities = RB

Primary Interaction = A

(Hold) Odin’s Sight = Y or up on the d-pad depending on preference


There is a Caroligian Empire gear set available in the Prime Loot. As soon as it is redeemed it shows up in your game.

It has a full mystic armor set, as well as a mystic spear and a mystic shield. A significant upgrade over the gears available early in the game! And it also looks dope :slight_smile:

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Holy heck. That’s end game set by the looks of it. Mostly Bear too. Rubs hands

Oy vey, and thank you good sir.

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How is everyone getting on with the game?

I’m about 40 hours in now and still lots of England to explore! I can’t get over how good this game looks, especially for one that is cross gen.

It definitely feels more like a RPG lite game to me than the traditional AC games, but I think the Viking elements are pretty shallow, like the raids.

Oh well, back to the never ending colourful dots :rofl:

I’ve noticed that when I raid a village,defeat all the enemies,then save, that when I later come back to that same village its again occupied by the same enemies? Is this a bug Ubisoft need to patch?

I think it respawns to help with gathering materials.

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Does the pulsing hair on some of the characters make anyone else itch?

Ahh I guess that makes sense. I had haulted my playthrough thinking it was a bug but yeah respawning items and enemies to guard them makes sense. Thanks!

Holy shit, I just reached Asgard! Can’t wait to explore the shit out of it, but I really need to go to bed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah that part is amazing!!

I was a bit bemused to not see my home town though, walking through Cent and I went past the local towns but not mine :rage:

Oh and there’s a world event related to Winnie the Pooh, amazing :rofl:

Been playing this for gasp 45-50hrs now.

I wanted to 100% this game, but not I just want to get 100% wealth, and finish the game. Think it will take a heck of a lot of time to completely 100% AC Valhalla. Maybe 150hr mark.

80Hrs in now.

Around 40hrs I started skipping side quests and myseteries and I’m only just now into the last few segments of the story. Wow this game is definitely larger than Odyssey - to its detriment.

I was really rating this very high at first, but my mind is changing more towards the endgame.

Beginning 10/10 Middle 7/10

Will be completing it today or tomorrow so I’ll give an overall at the end. So far this is still better than Odyssey personally, but that may change.

Just got there. Looks absolutely stunning. Like wow. Been taking pictures like a madman. Love this game.

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TL;DR spoiler-free Review.

Graphics - When I first booted it up it looked just as good as the last few ultra quality PC games I’ve played. Tearing is a problem that is noticeable sometimes, though.

Beginning - The story is good, the combat is great, Raiding is adrenaline filled.

Middle - Fun, but at about 50hrs in for halfway, it’s clear there is quite a large amount of side content, and it does get repetitive.

End - Whilst intriguing at first, the lore all gets spun around everywhere(inc modern day stuff), then it just ends. Either they took stuff out to put into the DLC or they had to rush the ending to release in time.

Overall: 85 which rates it my 4th favourite AC.

Brotherhood 87
AC2 87
Origins 86
Valhalla 85
Black Flag 85
Odyssey 84
Syndicate 83
Revelations 82
AC3 81
AC1 80
Unity 77
Rogue 71
Bloodlines 69
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Those community photo things on the map, must I replicate the scene with photo mode? Because I don’t really understand it.

I’m in present day now, it’s right after the intro. All this stuff doesn’t mean anything to me. I didn’t play the previous two games, is that why? And when I press start I see all kinds of docs and messages to read. But I have no idea what it’s all about. Did you guys read it all and do I need to have a understanding of the animus/present day things in all the AC games?