Assassin's Creed: Mirage is the next title in the long-running series

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After multiple leaks Ubisoft has confirmed Mirage to be the next title of the long-running Assassin’s Creed series. We’ll get to see more of it in the upcoming Ubisoft Forward on September 10th, which we will be co-streaming on the Xbox Era YouTube channel.

Assassin's Creed Mirage is the next Assassin's Creed game.

We can't wait to tell you more on September 10 at Ubisoft Forward: 9PM CEST | 12PM PT. #AssassinsCreed

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I’m really pumped for this! Back in the Middle Eastern setting, the white robes with a big Altair flavor, I really like the notes they’re hitting here. Another entry on my already stacked list of 2023 day one purchases!


No more RPG elements in AC game going back to the old style that will make lot of old school AC fans happy. I will give this game a try. But I do like the open world AC if it was not so big as Odyssey and Vahala was.

I’m under the impression we’re going to be getting both in some form moving forwards, or at least AC Infinity (possibly also getting shown next week) seems to be an RPG closer to the more recent games.

9 days to go. I wonder if Ubisoft also teases AC Infinity and if the rumored AC remake is true. Looking forward to seeing Mirage as everything that’s been rumored/leaked sounds really good.

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I saw someone float the theory that a leaker may have seen materials from Mirage and thought what they were looking at was an Assassin’s Creed 1 remake, and that seems plausible to me.

Or there may really be a new version of AC1 coming. I would expect more of a remaster than a full remake though. Maybe they make some tweaks to the UI like they did with AC3. We’ll see! I really like Assassin’s Creed 1, I don’t think that game always gets the credit it deserves, so I’d welcome more of it, whatever form that takes.

Yeah, saw that stuff. AC 3 remaster sounds more likely but im hoping for a full fledged from the ground up remake. It’s 15+ years old by the time is would release so hoping Ubisoft went all in with it.

Also hoping to see Origins/Valhalla crossover that’s been rumored which could include new content for Origins similar to Odyssey last year.

Really hoping for a good Ubisoft Forward on September 10th. Hoping for the following -

  1. AC Mirage (confirmed)
  2. AC Infinity (maybe a teaser trailer)
  3. AC Remake/Remaster
  4. AC Origins/Valhalla crossover
  5. Far Cry 6 Vaas spin off game
  6. Avatar gameplay reveal
  7. Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Remake re-reveal
  8. Immortals Fenyx Rising 2 teaser trailer
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The last leak on the subject said they were using AC: Mirage as a framework for the remake, since they were aiming for a much more similar feel to the older games with mirage. Take that with a grain of salt of course.

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Massive PoP vibes in that artwork.

Finally we go back to Asia again, but it’s mobile.

Bye Ubi.

They just announced Japan

If they’re planning a multiplayer experience it sounds like that means Infinity is still a single player driven game despite it’s live service nature. I’m pretty excited for this - if they use the format just to make smaller more varied stories I’ll be pretty happy. Japan and 16th Century witch hunts sound like 2 very interesting places to start too.

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To reiterate on this…

After Mirage I didn’t watch on because they were starting to cover older AC and I was afraid of seeing spoilers for Origins, Oddysey and Valhalla which I haven’t finished at all yet.

So I just saw the AC Jade video uploaded by IGN. My buddy then told me about Japan, but apparently that’s a online open world game? Which is I guess the rumored live service, which remains to be seen how that will be like.

Yeah, they’re still being a bit vague but it sounded like Red and Hexe are going to be single player experiences just like Origins/Odyssey/Valhalla, and the multiplayer experience was something distinct from those. Possibly a third “spoke” of the Infinity hub.

That would be ideal.

Red is like any other Assassins Creed game, but it’d part of the Infinity platform.


Very surprised that they didn’t show gameplay for Mirage considering it’s a year or so away. Maybe they show gameplay at The Game Awards.

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Yeah that’s the vibe I got, it’ll maybe be a game within Infinity but the other games will still be single player. Which works for me. I was just thinking though - if they ever wanted an excuse to bring back their old Assassin’s Creed multiplayer a battle royale wouldn’t be a bad fit. If anyone didn’t play it - the gist was you were all disguised as NPC’s and had to track down other players with only a vague location to go on. If you killed the wrong person your target would reset and you’d have to go track down someone else. So everyone would have to walk and try and blend in with NPCs while making their way to the next target area and keeping an eye on any suspicious characters following them. Now imagine that but with 100 people in an open city and the closing ring to force players out of hiding from time to time.

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