Asobo Interview.: FS uses Forza Tech engine, MS investing in Asobo

"Then, we had the great support of Turn 10 during all the years of development of the simulator to learn all the physics, photo-realism, density and base structure of the FTech Engine, which in the version we used, was slightly modified to support the large load of data. "

“In short, the visual rendering is calculated on the player’s Windows 10, but all the 3D Textures and Data used come from the FTech Engine in a mix with Azure.”

Forza 8 is gonna amaze balls.


Hmmmmm. Interesting! :slight_smile:


Its inevitable


Finally, the studio says that in addition to the 10-year support for Flight Simulator, they are working on two new projects, one of which will be with Focus Home, while the second is another fruit of a partnership with Microsoft.

So another exclusive game coming from them, and flight simulator already sold more than 1 million of copies. They worked on it for 7 and ½ years :scream:


Great find. Thanks for the info. One game is Plague Tale sequel that’s a given but the other…Still a mystery

I did not know that. Thanks for sharing @Xplainin

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That’s a LONG time! I don’t think it even leaked which is crazy

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Fuck they use Forza Tech? OMG Forza Horizon with this magic becomes even more possible now.

We NEED that as the next game after Forza Horizon set in Japan. (It has to be that region anyways, if Microsoft is real about their push in Japan)


I know right. Forza 8 with that level of realism shown on the planes in FS? Damm.

Ah, there was a thread already.

I wonder if their other project would be similar to the MSFS project. With the use of ForzaTech, Azure, etc. Maybe MS is willing to invest in another cloud gaming project after the Crackdown 3 multiplayer fiasco.

Maybe Recore 2?


Great to see teams in XGS sharing tech. This game is a great advert for ForzaTech and Azure.

Turn 10? Take a bow.

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This is a studio I think we all can see joining XGS at some point. But they can’t right now, can they? I recall that they have multiple things going for different companies?

Flying DeLoren in FM confirmed.


If they were sensible the agreement for the investment should include a first right of refusal if Asobo are approached to be purchased by someone else.

7.5yrs of development really shows the level of commitment Asobo, Turn 10 and Xbox had to the project.

It’s surprising how flexible the Forza Engine is. Had always thought Playgrounds Fable was going to made on ForzaTech as well. Mind you I did think 343i were using a modified version ForzaTech engine for slipspace.

Pretty much an XGS at this point… just buy them allready!


Wow, i didn’t knew that they use ForzaTech on the server to generate the world. Very interesting. Maybe that also explains a little bit the longer dev process for the next Forza Motorsport title.

Just as a heads up. Not everything in the article is correct