As a console-only player, I can never go back to 30FPS

This thread is reserved for “console peasants” only :sunglasses:, since we all know PC players have always had 60FPS to play with for a long time :stuck_out_tongue:

Speaking as a console-only player coming into next-gen from the trinomial Xbox One - Nintendo Switch - PlayStation 4, I can only tell you how delluded I now feel to have ever said “30FPS is fine, it feels good to me”. Day one on my Series X, I was literally in shock after experiencing buttery-smooth Apex Legends, after playing the game for hundreds of hours at 30FPS on PS4.

It has been such a game-changer for me that 60FPS seems so far to be kind of the new standard across the board. I don’t own a gaming-capable PC, nor do I see myself having one in the future, so I genuinely hope this trend continues, even after current-gen-only games start actually releasing for our machines. I don’t want to go back to 30FPS and, at the very least, I wish to have the option to choose 60FPS over resolution in most games.

And hell, while we’re at it, give me 120FPS as well if you can. Rocket League, Warzone and Sea of Thieves all feel incredibly responsive and smooth in this mode, even if at the cost of some graphical fidelity. Although, of course, it’s the land of diminishing returns and while it doesn’t feel as great a jump as 30 to 60, it’s still a great improvement.


I know what you mean. I thought 30FPS was perfectly fine, but upon going back to 30FPS, it felt BAD. I guess this is how PC players feel. However, I can still deal with 30, I just need a little bit to get used to it. I know this is a sin, but I honestly still pick 30FPS if there’s a noticeable graphical downgrade in the frame-rate mode.

I tried F76 FPS boosted on and off and I dont care about not getting 4K anymore. Im not going back to 30fps.


So far I haven’t yet felt a significant downgrade when selecting the option, but well, we are still in a time of mostly cross-gen titles and Series X handles them very well. It will be more interesting to see if current-gen-only games keep the tendency, specially when you also consider games are also trying to hit 4K. I can definitely see various Microsoft first-party games having 60FPS as the standard.

If it’s like 1080p (or lower) compared to 4K, I’ll go with the 4K. But the majority of the time, it’s not a big difference and I go with the frame-rate option. The only game in which I went with 30 is Fallen Order, before the Series X patch. Then I went for 60FPS instead as there wasn’t a noticeable difference for me. I don’t anticipate me going for 30FPS all that often. I still have the Ultimate Edition of Control to play and I’m not sure if I want to go with 60FPS or ray-tracing, but I’m thinking 60FPS.

Yes, it’s up to the player and at the end of the day the correct choice is the one they are confortable with. For me, I changed Sea of Thieves to 120FPS and immediately noticed the drop in resolution, but playing in the big OLED and somewhat far away from the TV, I figured it wasn’t that big of an issue. Particularly because SoT has this beautiful palette of colors and it truly shines on this screen, so even if the resolution dropped, the game still looked gorgeous.

I play some hours at 120FPS on the TV, then sometimes I have to change to my 60FPS monitor because the family is watching TV and I immediately notice the game feels “slower”, although still good enough, of course.

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I agree and I will go PC to get it if I have to.

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I’m fine with 30 fps honestly

This video is talking about animation as in tv shows not games. I do agree that for tv shows (anime in particular) that 60fps looks gross.


Finishing off a playthrough of Fallout 4 at 60fps is fantastic.

Well, the games has animation too. I’m really one of those guys that prefer to have the frames related in how the animation was made, honestly (but yeah if some want more frames it’s fine, just let us play in the way it was made too)

To be honest, I’m not fussed by 60fps. I don’t really notice it. 120fps however I do.

I’m ok with 30fps if it’s steady. I’ll always pick 60fps if it’s an option though.

Depends on the game I agree. Watch Dogs legion 30fps is smooth.

I was in the “resolution team” for a long, long time… until I went back to Control in quality mode straight after playing The Division 2 for 15 hours at 60 FPS.

I had to put the game down and come back to it later because it was literally giving me a headache.

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60 fps didn’t used to be a big deal for me, I was fine with 30.

Now, after playing so many games on the Series X at 60 fps… I can still play a 30 fps game if that’s the only option, but 60 fps has become a big deal to me.

Even playing something like The Outer Worlds at 60 fps on Series X and then going back to 30 fps on Xbox One X… ech, no thank you.

As much as im hyped to play games with Ray Tracing because when correctly implemented (like HDR), it looks amazing but after playing The Division 2 and Immortals Fenyx Rising at 60FPS, im all in for Performance Mode this generation. I’m not going back to 30FPS. Screw that. That’s two gens ago. No thanks.

I know Resident Evil VIII has that weird 45FPS mode and im like, nah. I’ll just play it in 4K/60FPS/HDR and sacrifice the Ray Tracing. I would prefer a Performance Ray Tracing mode like Miles Morales had as I would sacrifice the resolution over Ray Tracing if given the option while still getting 60FPS.

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So when I was a PC gamer, my favourite refresh rate was 100 because I couldn’t notice 120/144 but 100 was another than 60 for me.

Then I got a larger monitor and 80fps was my preferred rate for smoothness.

Went to console and hated 30fps. Got a much larger TV and actually don’t mind 30fps as long as it doesn’t dip.

When I have a choice of either 1440p@60 vs 4k@30 best believe I personally would take 4k@30 on my big tv.

4k 60fps is the sweet spot for this generation of consoles. The 4k will be using whatever technique it needs for efficiency usually.

I bought Watchdogs and I didn’t know it didn’t have 60fps and I’m not going to play it now until they patch it.

I agree 100% with the OP here. My boys grew up playing Minecraft on PC with higher framerates and would always laugh at me trying to say that I didn’t really notice the difference that much with 30 FPS and 60 FPS, but man after playing on the Series X at these higher framerates this is right up there along with the loading speeds as the top next gen features for me so far. While I think ray tracing stuff can be cool, I will not jump down to 30 FPS to get it in any game that has combat and such for sure. The Medium was a little bit of an outlier for me (great game by the way) where 30 FPS worked pretty well because it was very close to a “walking simulator” in its game design without a big combat focus or anything. Honestly I have been surprised by how much I can even notice the difference with 120 FPS on games too, give me the frames now!