Apple Event — October 18 | 10 a.m. PDT

Hoping for the new MacBook Pro 16" to be announced! I’m really in the need to replace the current one.

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I’m right there with you man, I’ve got a 2019 iMac that is still plenty fine but my laptop is an aging first-gen Retina MBP and it makes recording our podcasts a struggle. Looking at the 14” and it’s simultaneously wonderful and absurdly expensive. Ping me if you plan on getting one though, should be able to help.

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I would think that Nvidia, AMD and Intel are discussing this desktop/laptop space threat seriously from M1.

I bet MS is also asking the three – what do they have that competes here. Their Plan B might be in motion already, for all we know.

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If Microsoft were concerned about performance in their Surface products they would not have been so late on AMDs Ryzen APUs. And their new flagship Laptop Studio tops out with an 4 core Intel CPU, lol.

Not the same discussion, but anyway.

There is a broad future architecture and roadmap conversation that threatens Intel, AMD and Nvidia - and not necessarily for MS.

Like I said elsewhere, don’t assume that MS does not have a plan B that can supercede these three, but ideally, they would not do that.

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You questioned if MS asked the three for competetive designs. Intel has nothing right now. AMD has some, at least to last years M1. And when they get their Ryzen APUs to 5nm they should be on par to Apples design (and cheaper).

I understood your point about Ryzen APU actually. But it’s really not a long term alternative.

They cannot be competitive just for being competitive against one chip family - M1 series – because then you are just competing in a piece-meal way.

It is like saying, you have a Ford v8, and so I will have to install a Ford-Cosworth v8 engine that outperforms your engine this year.

Versus saying, I think we need to do a twin-electric engine system here for the car, that can set the stage for continuing leadership in performance and high torque.

The key might be Qualcomm. They have just hired the people/architects responsible for Apple’s Silicon.

But AMD is not only competing against Apple. They also are ahead in GPU architecture and design. Why is nobody asking these questions for the M1? Blinded by marketing? This thing has still no hardware support for modern features like mesh shaders or even raytracing.

Agree - a lot of the conversation is pure fanboi level especially on the Apple side, nowadays.

i mean i can understand it. If you used Intel powered MacBooks in the last 6 or 7 years and then switched over to a M1 the performance boost is just incredible. Intel really stood almost still between Haswell and Comet Lake. I had the same experience when i upgraded from a Surface Pro 3 to a modern AMD Ryzen APU last year. Now the M1 is on 5nm and AMD on 7nm so we will see how AMDs next products map out and match up.

The real magic in the M1 is not so much the silicon but the seamless x86/x64 compatibility layer Apple developed.