Anybody having extremely slow download speeds plus other issues with Xbox Series X?


Download issues

Firstly I have a 100/40 Mb connection which is working fine. Location Sydney Australia. I checked xbox lives status and all is good and I’m on a wired connection. When I first setup the console it took nearly an hour of having a white spinning circle before I got to the dashboard.

I can’t download any of the apps in the store. It’s taking nearly 30 mins just to check for any game updates if it works at all.

The watch dogs update(38Gb) took over 10 hours to download.

I’ve still got another 200 odd GB to download in game updates and currently I’m get 250 Kb/s download from Microsoft.

Other issues I’ve come across:

DTS doesn’t work at all it reverts back to dolby digital. (This worked fine on my one X) Randomly the console changes from 4K to 1080p and your can’t change it back to 4k without a reset. The reset console option doesn’t work from the settings menu or controller, the screen goes blank and it hangs.

Only way to reset the console is holding down power button for 10 secs to do hard reset.

I don’t have animation background

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Download speed is capped when you play a game and try to download a game in the background. This is not a complete explanation for what you are seeing, but it could help as well.

Better than average speeds here ,but I’m in Western Europe on 500/150 fiber.

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Didn’t make any difference. I only tried a couple of small games because there is a ton of updates to games. After 12 hours I just turned it off and have them download in the background. So far I’m disappointed in the console.

I expect the servers are taking a hammering today. Not only because of this new release where everyone is downloading a bunch of stuff, but EA play going into gamepass as well.


Yep it’s this. Even though it’s Microsoft I’m sure their server farms are being slammed.

3 hours to download 4 Gb. Failing to retrive saves in the cloud multiple times. Yep, that’s a launch day alright.

And I have a laundry list of games to redownload of course. Maybe I’ll play some on the weekend !

I’m trying to download Tetris right now. 2 hours and at 80%. I’m patiently going mad. :crazy_face:

Edit : I have a bad connection so it’s even worse. It will be fine in a day or two, probably.

Edit 2 : Tetris is downloaded. It’s getting better at least.

It’s gotta just be launch day server demand. I was downloading on my Series X on Friday and this weekend and it was fine. Haven’t had a chance to test it today.


The download speeds have been mixed for me today. On One X I never often got at 200Mbps but now I do, much more often, that’s good.

But it can still go from 200 to 12 in an instant, maybe it’s because of how busy the servers are. The game was almost done downloading at 90% and then the speed went down drastically and out of the blue it went back to 200 again.

But if it could just stick at 200 that be great. My overall speed is 250 but I never had that with Xbox yet.

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AC Valhalla has only downloaded 2.84 Gb in 8 hours. Currently downloading at 950 K. I might get to try it next year at this rate. I’m finding my console itself a slow as shit regardless of the network conditions. Just checking my queue can take 3 mins plus to show up or checking your storage is taking mins to show up.

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Speeds are definitely all over the place. It’ll be snail paced slow and then lightning fast again. As others have said, their servers are probably getting demolished right now.

One issue I do have is that it won’t let me go to “All Games” on the gamepass tab. It just keeps giving me an error. I had to search for Forza Horizon 4 to download it. :sweat_smile:

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Does this apply if I already have One X version installed on a USB external drive? A full new download rather than a patch or update to the current file (after it’s transferred to the internal SSD)?

No idea. I have an OG Xbox One and I decided to just redownload everything.

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And again with downloading Witcher 3 now. It’s nearing completion and it goes from 200 to 40mbls. Just like it did with other games today. How odd.

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I’m surprised rubber bandwidth isn’t really a term for this.

Not for me, everything downloaded super fast, the console updated its firmware in seconds. Downloaded a couple of games and they were very fast. I certainly remember taking a long time downloading and installing games & apps on XOX. Loved that it took just a couple of minute to set up the console from the App, and it copied over my saved settings. Only work was putting back various passwords for Apps (was doing this whilst pulling down couple of games).

No my download speed were off the charts, I was around 700 mb/s.

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I envy you, its been nearly 24 hours just to get AC Valhalla and I’m only at 80%. I just want to play something but with so may updates it’s taking forever.

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We have 3 new consoles in our home, and they are all getting about 120mbps download.

I wonder if region makes a difference in this? I’m certain it would. I imagine MS is using their Azure facilities, so the split is like this: