Anthem Next is cancelled (Official)

Feel like they’re better off just avoiding the stigma that every gamer online would apply to it. People are thoroughly convinced that Anthem isn’t worth their time, so just remaster Mass Effects for a safe profit and move on to something else.

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Its really not that hard to see why they did it. People want bioware making singleplayer games and then are shocked when their online project that was a total failure isnt getting its resources tripled.

I know this won’t be a huge number, but there is going to be a population who aren’t on board with what they wanna do next considering how they spit in our eye today.

I promise you the majority of Bioware fans do not care about Anthem nor do casuals.

Dont know how cancelling this affects the singleplayer games of DA4 and Mass Effect.

I feel like the game didn’t know what it wanted to be. It was like devs had really cool ideas without really tying/adjusting all of them to fit together (easier said than done).

It’s cool to want to make an always online looter shooter, but it needs a massive amount of content at launch (the important part). It was Destiny 1 all over again with technical problems on top and no arena multiplayer to keep people playing. It was clearly mismanaged and needed a complete reboot/rework from top to bottom.

The reveal trailer was epic though.

Tears in my eyes that it was the first time Bioware employees heard of the name lmaooooooooooooo


They literally said they came up with a random ass word for the title and then built the game story around it. :joy:

I mean I’m not saying that’s a problem, creativity can come from anywhere but really, a AAA production being this mismanaged?

Surely EA’s fault

If you’re a big Anthem fan (which I don’t think is crazy as a lot of the core features were good) this makes sense, but when a dev makes a big decision it will always piss some people off. They made the choice that will likely piss the least amount of people off.

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Bioware magic meets EA’s.

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I don’t agree with this. They were talking about a staff of 90 to get this done. After multiple record-setting years for EA, they could have done this with no effect on Dragon Age or Mass Effect. It wouldn’t have hurt fans of those at all.

Not going to speculate on the innerworkings at EA, but if I had to bet on it, I’d say they realized working on Anthem any longer is just throwing money away because of it’s uniquely-brutal first impression. I’ll disagree with EA when they do something stupid like make Star Wars Battlefront P2W, but they’re probably very capable of gauging interest and progress on a situation like Anthem.

Its not just fixing a super broken game mechanically its also doing roadmaps, new loot, missions, etc and PRAYING people would even want to come back to play a game after 3 years.

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And on top of that it’s very likely that covid made the team miss some deadlines, and given the troublesome development… It’s not really a surprise.

The same things would have been said about No Man’s Sky, Sea of Thieves, even Rainbow Six and Destiny to a degree… this generation proves that these things aren’t ever dead until the devs give up.

But none of that is the real point. The point is they made a promise to their paying customers. Multiple times. And then spit in their eye. So no, don’t see why anyone would be excited for their future projects after that.


But people will say Im trolling or being an apologist.

I don’t think that’s unreasonable at all; I didn’t say the masses are super excited for the next bioware project, I said this is probably the better of the two options in terms of pissing less people off.

Bioware’s rep is definitely tarnished right now, everything you say is right.

Also I think FO76 is probably the best example, but then again that might just be because of hardcore Fallout fans. Sea of Thieves always had a real, unique sandbox there which people initially overlooked. No Man’s Sky had a cool factor and was somewhat the first of it’s kind as a casual version of space exploration games. Dunno about Rainbox Six and Destiny, can’t remember them ever really struggling aside form devout fans complaining endlessly. There is probably a dimension where they totally FF14’d it and it’s a huge hit now, but companies sometimes recognize when something is a sunk cost, and that’s what happened here.

From what I gather, the only problem with No Man’s sky was it over promised the scope of the game, like by a lot, and then under delivered in context of the absolute unimaginable hype it’d garnered. Over time, they fixed a lot of things and crafted a better identity for it and still keep releasing free content to make up for it, Idk how but they’re doing it. Pretty cool. If it ever came to it, Hello games can be a good get for Xbox but that’s irrelevant here.

Anthem just represents the worst of AAA development trends in the past decade smh, I don’t know what to feel of this cancellation. Really sucks for the devs seeing all that work go to waste but a decision had to be made, unfortunate that this is what it was.

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Played Siege from release up until a couple months ago. Siege was always good it just had an unpolished feel to it at launch but you knew there was a great game underneath. By like the 3rd-4th month the game was fully operational and getting new content.

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This upsets me. The flying mechanics were fun and I was happy to have a game where you could really customize power armor.

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