Anthem Next is cancelled (Official)

Anthem Next was supposed to be THE big update after the troubled launch of the game in february 2019. Today in a blog post, Christian Dailey the studio director for the Bioware Austin office has said that further work on the game is now cancelled in part due to Covid related issues. RIP Anthem.

I am shocked… It did not get cancelled sooner :wink:

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This was a mortal lock to happen. Unlike most folks I thought that Andromeda was a good game, and also feel that DAI is a much better game than DAO, so while Anthem was a utter failure, I’m not down on Bioware as a studio like most people are.


Nobody saw this coming



I wish they would stop citing COVID. The game’s launch was shit. The crap continued post-launch.


It is honestly the right decision. No point spending a load of money in the hope the game will come good, just cut your losses and move on.

Hot take: after making Gears 6, The Coalition should make a new IP that is similar to Anthem in terms of combat, movement and traversal. Only make it single player with RPG elements, something like Horizon Zero Dawn.

With The Coalition’s experience in designing third person combat, futuristic technology, monsters and creatures and gorgeous natural environments I think they would make a truly great game.

Anthem’s combat, movement and art direction are just too good not to be used again in another game. It’s the rest of the game (story, RPG elements, performance, bugs, etc.) that is bad, but the fundamentals are really good.



I mean, it didn’t help, that’s for sure. The blog post is pretty succinct, because there’s not much to say. They probably did not meet their deadlines internally, new builds were not meeting expectations so execs cut it short. I’m surprised it took this long, honestly. For me, who played the beta and immediately cancelled my preorder right after, the gameplay of Anthem was the problem. Even if everything was A-tier, the gameplay was repetitive and utterly boring. I loved the world they created and wanted to know more, but it was just so painful to play after the first “wow, I’m Iron Man!”.

I don’t know why they let this farce go on as long as it did. When was the last time Anthem recieved any update? Over a year ago? If you want to improve a game, you have to actually work on improving the game. Not just post some concept art every couple of months.

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let’s hope they will stop dumping their shit on BioAustin

Dont know how anybody complains that this decision was made. Literally the easiest decision EA has had to make in years.

This is a business first of all and makes ZERO sense to pour resources into Anthem.

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Oh well, I was going to try it eventually but no need now.

Try it out! (Improve my TA ratio lol)

Seriously though, it’s not the worst game ever. I would encourage people to give it a shot. The whole post launch fiasco has been infuriating though.

Feel for all the talented people there; while the game didn’t pan out, there’re clearly very skilled people behind the vast majority of the product. Hopefully they get a new project with better direction to bounce back.

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Id rather get a proper Anthem 2.0 as a new game later on if Bioware manages to get their groove back on than trying to fix an unbelievably broken game.

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The game could have panned out though. It’s their superiors choosing to cut and run. I hope those devs can escape Bioware.

Anthem was one of the games I had the most fun in last gen. It certainly lacked a post game, but the gameplay was fantastic.


Where is the evidence that the game could have panned out if they fixed it? The Anthem IP neither has the name or prestige of Final Fantasy to get people back after a rework.

Lets stop making wild assumptions just because you liked the game (cause I did too) and look at it objectively. EA made the right choice to axe it whether you like it or not.

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