An Outer Worlds sequel appears to be in dev

For me The Outer Worlds is a great game, unfortunately IMO it’s always going to be judged more harshly by a segment of the audience for not being FNV 2 or at least a FNV 2 clone in a Sci Fi setting. I expect Avowed to be judged the same way to be honest.

Despite the fact New Vegas is a Top 10 game for me ever, I wouldn’t be upset if Obsidian never came back to Fallout. If they do, I’ll play it day one, but it’s a specter that has haunted all of their subsequent games IMO.

I wonder if Obsidian will just switch to using creation engine for all it’s games. They could potentially get games out quicker.

I liked The Outer Worlds a lot, and I think a bigger budget sequel can take a major franchise leap like Assassin’s Creed to Assassin’s Creed 2.


I feel like their games would start to lose their own sense of identity if they switched to the creation engine for every game, theyd just start to feel like another bethesda game rather than an obsidian game.


On top of that given Creation Engine’s problems I REALLY doubt it would go any faster to begin with. The (mostly physics based) benefits don’t outweigh the spaghetti code.

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If they go forward with a sequel, I wonder who the publisher will be. If plans do change or fall apart, I imagine it might be because of a publishing dispute that couldn’t get resolved.

The point of the thread is to discuss a potential Outer Worlds sequel, not express your views of the person making the tweet.

I’m totally okay with them making Fallout 5 if they want to shift to that.

I doubt a publishing dispute couldnt be resolved by a nice check from xbox for the publishing rights

Totally agree. I guess that may depend on what Private Division might be asking for and what MS is willing to pay.

I think Obsidian owns rights to the game because I think Private division only had publishing rights for first game


I believe this is accurate.


True, Obsidian and now MS own the rights but Private Division would surely have first refusal rights for any sequel. So MS would either have to buy them out of that deal or come to some sort of agreement to publish the game themselves.


Yeah I though Cain and Boyarski already hinted at wanting to do more with the franchise. Seems like an obvious choice. I’d love to see a sequel with AAA production values.

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I think they already handed Private Division their bag. Grabbed the following excerpt from Gamerevolution which did a story on the GI interview with Booty.

Talking on the Game Informer Show, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty, stated that they saw The Outer Worlds as something that they hoped to build into an enduring franchise. As such, this makes any sequel to Obsidian’s upcoming RPG a prime candidate to turn into an exclusive. When prompted about Microsoft planning on hypothetical Outer Worlds 2 being a Microsoft exclusive, Booty agreed.

“Yeah, I think that would be that kind of game,” said Booty. “From what we’ve seen of Outer Worlds , my hope is that’s something that we can build and that it really becomes an enduring franchise and it really starts to grow and that we can help to expand that.”

It’s still not confirmed at this point but I would assume Booty would be more vague about the future of OW if Microsoft didn’t gain the rights.


Best case scenario for me is Obsidian continue with TOW, but advise and nurture a newly created studio that’s dedicated to Fallout.

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I absolutely loved this game.

It came out at the perfect time as a Fallout game in a new universe when Fallout 76 was disappointing most of us.

I plan on playing the DLC on the Series X and am all in on a sequel.

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I absolutely adored The Outer Worlds so I don’t want anything to happen to that team except for them to continue making a sequel if that’s their prerogative (which Booty and others at Obsidian have clearly stated is the case). What excites me the most about your comment and the recent Bethesda acquisition is that Xbox now has nearly every member that original shepherded the original Fallout games, and those that built Fallout 3. Imagine if in the midst of their additional acquisitions, they built a new studio from Obsidian, InXile, and BGS veterans to make Fallout titles; whether they were secondary side stories while BGS still helmed the mainline games, and/or a studio that could remake something like Fallout: New Vegas. The possibilities with XGS are really becoming endless.

Back on track though, The Outer Worlds is one of my favorite games of this generation and I adored the on-the-nose capitalist commentary coupled with some of the wittiest, best writing to grace any game (in my humble opinion). I almost equally enjoyed the gameplay mechanics, and with a bit more variety and depth, it could easily best all the comparable titles in its genre.

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Wouldn’t this be similar to Sunset Overdrive where Microsoft had publishing rights for first game, but I don’t think have rights for sequels. Also I think with Private Division there whole model is they will publish a game, but the developer controls/owns IP. I think that’s the reason why Moon Studio is going to them for new IP

Yes to all this.

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I dont get this obsession with Fallout New Vegas getting a remake. Im one of those that think that Fallout 3 is the better game even with some of the QOL improvements that NV has over it.