An Outer Worlds sequel appears to be in dev

Zhuge is pretty in the know and it makes sense given the relative success of the outer worlds

I also think a new Vegas remaster could be on the cards


It was pretty obvious since a while I would say. We didn’t need to wait for him to tell us.

That said, I really liked a lot the 1st entry so I hope they keep on improving and expanding scope and worlds…


He says it could change into something else. They know the thirst for fallout new Vegas is huge i wonder what they will do

They have too much work I think to make a Fallout New Vegas sequel now. Maybe after Avowed.

No disrespect to Zhuge but this is the most useless kind of “insider” “leak” there is.

If Outer Worlds does get a sequel it’s not going to be a big surprise to anyone, and if for whatever reason it doesn’t happen, then it just becomes “Well, I wasn’t wrong, because Plans Changed™.”

There’s just zero point to any of this. Anyone could have said this and it doesn’t tell anyone anything they could not already have guessed.


i mean the first game ends with a sequel hook as big as a house


He says this could change.

I love The Outer Worlds and I want a sequel but…

A sequel to New Vegas or even a remake with next-gen graphics and all of the cut content with Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky (fathers of Fallout) involved (and maybe Josh Sawyer if he has the time to help), I’m in.

Why a remake

Just make a new game good lord.


I have no sources, but even I could have told you that a “new entry in the franchise is being explored,” ha. In any event, as long as Obsidian are making the games they want to make, I’ll be happy.


Personally id prefer a remake to make new vegas actually playable on pc without many issues. Plus, remaking new vegas would get that team a better feel for what makes fallout fallout for a new one

Yep the cliffhanger at the end with an obvious sequel in your face was really calling for that. The story was really interesting. It has a lot of potential. Just hope they make a better levelvdesign and loot repartition

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Start by making the game actually fun and more diverse. Feel like half the rep Outer Worlds gets is from the Bethesda circle jerk crowd.

A remake why? Game plays mega fine, looks well enough and is playable on every console after it came out + pc.

I would love a new game but a new Fallout game from scratch will require a huge team and more years of development. It took 6 years to develop Fallout 4 (including pre-production).

New Vegas has ugly graphics (even for its day), is broken and had TONS of cut content and dropped ideas because of the consoles’ limit in 2010 (framerate, memory, optimization…) and the rushed development (18 months). There is a lot to improve and it could finally become the true masterpiece that Obsidian and Sawyer envisionned back in 2010.

A remaster/remake would actually make a lot of sense if they want to release a Fallout game (and an excellent Fallout game by the way) before 2025 and before Fallout 5 is ready.

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A bit more serious too. Cause it was a bit too much on the jokes.

I grew tired of the absurd capitalism jokes by the first couple hours.

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The game absolutely does not play fine on pc. its been a year or two since i tried playing it so i dont remember all the issues i had with it but it wasnt a pleasant experience at all. glitchy, crashy, unoptimized ugly mess thats missing a lot of features a pc port should have. Plus if you try modding it good luck lol.

Same. It was a bit too hard leaning on that. I prefer when it is more subtle.

I predict Gears 6 is in development!

Has anyone tried the DLC for TOW? Is it good? I liked the game, even though it was a bit limited.

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Read its not that great.

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