Amazon Announces Cloud Gaming Streaming Service Luna

My first impression was it was included in the sub but you’re right, this is just a baseline set of games + optional channels. Kinda a neat way to organize things. Their iOS workaround is kinda interesting. Wonder if MS might go that route too in the interim. It’s an ex-Xbox exec running the show with Luna. :slight_smile:

Get ready for more big acquisitions from Microsoft (or… Amazon)

This is why MS bought Zenimax. It has nothing to do with Sony - the giant electronic groups are all making a play in this space. Now Amazon and Google both have streaming solutions, but they don’t have the developers and credibility that MS does …

This is why MS will be making even more purchases. They want to cut out Amazon and Google before each becomes an issue


Stadia needs to go back to the drawing board. But I think they can and will-- they just lost time.

Luna feels to me like an earthquake in a way that Stadia didn’t.

The future shape of competition is Microsoft vs. Luna vs. Stadia.

Today is a special day, as we welcome some of the most accomplished studios in the games industry to Xbox. We are thrilled to announce Microsoft has entered into an agreement to acquire Sony.

Please join me in welcoming all of our friends at Sony to Team Xbox.



So it’s a streaming only service, more in compétition with Google than Microsoft, interesting. Seems better tought than Stadia.

Anyway, even if I understand that they want to make a move and occupy a place in the market, I think it’s still too early for a service based only on streaming.

  1. This is the reason why Satya Nadella is interested in the gaming space.

  2. Killer Instinct died for this.


This is the future. I feel like publishers will be acquired by; Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon in the near future. I think in this market Sony just can’t compete financially with money these companies are willing to lose to become the Netflix of gaming. This is why content will be key because users will sub to platform based on games they can play, and being the early winner is important because it’s how Netflix won streaming war.

Could you elaborate? I am not making the connection.

Amazon acquired double Helix who created the first couple of seasons of Killer instinct. At the moment they haven’t been doing much ever since being acquired from Amazon

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Amazon has bought up a lot of studios prior to this move including the devs behind Killer Instinct 2013 and poaching developers from the guild wars 2 team if i recall correctly amongst others .

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I’m sure phil has been talkin to Samsung. The future looks like shit to me.

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Google had 2K, Square, Activision, Ubisoft, EA and Bethesda on board. They just completely fucking botched it with the model. Amazon has the model but not the partners so far. Xbox has both and soon the best tech and the exclusives.

Double Helix is now an Amazon Games Studio. They made the first season of Killer Instinct.


If anyone still doubts the Bethesda games WILL become exclusive to Xbox…

a big wake up call


Amazon’s solution is compelling if all you want to do is stream. Basically $7/mo, and you don’t have to purchase anything. UbiSoft day one. They have several games that MS does not including Control. The million dollar question here is what will Amazon run on the back end? If they are partnered with Nvidia, for example (Nvidia is heavily invested in the server side of the market) then they become a very compelling competitor

It is my opinion that in the next few years, you will see Nintendo/Sony partner with each other against these giants coming into the gaming space. Somebody is going to start buying all of the software houses, and MS was smart to get Zenimax before the price went up exponentially. They should just go ahead and make a play for several Japanese publishers (not developers) before TenCent does so …

MS is going to have to lower the price of GPU to compete with Luna. Luna is 1/2 the price

They had Bethesda? LOL!

I get the impression that Amazon will do this more seriously than Google…did they even get the YouTube integration working yet? Amazon having the worlds biggest (?) eCommerce site and biggest cloud platform (AWS) is a major plus over them.

Video game search results on Amazon could be interesting now:

Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna! Luna! Erm, Xbox. Luna! Playstation? Luna! Luna!

It sems it’s not the final price, though.