All-digital Xbox Series X shown in leaks

It can BE spoofed easily though(the hardware part), but thats not what I meant, with this behaviour of not being able to appeal the ban because of the AI systems.

One S, as noted looked great, the current Series S too.

The PS5 can easily make it seem impossible to imagine though.

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The OG 360 looked pretty awesome in white

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Series s white is ok but too plain. The black fan doesnt help

No amount of colour change can make the ps5 look good

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I actually like the square, flat aesthetic of the Series consoles, more the Series X (I don’t think I’ve seen an S in person tbh), so maybe that’s part of it. I think the X looks better in black than the white images we’ve seen recently too.

But at least we agree on the PS5 design!

Subjective of course, but in one breath saying “it’s too plain” and then following that up with saying the defining not-plain feature of the console “doesn’t help” is amusing to me