All-digital Xbox Series X shown in leaks


Pretty much the same but no disc drive.


It all comes down to price.


The all white is ugly, but still looks much better than the PS5. That is ugly in colour and style. They should have made it the same as the Surface matte silver.

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Same as it is now.

Wonder why it’s not any smaller even though it’s all digital.

I’d prefer the adorably all digital cylinder !


don’t have to change molds and the covers they sell still fit


Good point

This is a good response to the people (like me) who don’t like the white.

I figure it would have been the same, but a missed opportunity to make it shorter and call it the Xbox Series X Short King Edition.

looks not very adorable

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Also considering what we know about making black plastics from Xbox, I can see more white Xbox consoles in the future.

Really hoping this is at least 100$ less as it needs to match PS5 digital. Just puts Series S in a tough spot honestly in terms of price if this comes out and is sandwiched between Series X and S in terms of price.

I don’t need another Xbox Series as we already have 2 in the house but hopefully this helps boost sales for the remainder of the generation.

I think the info that leaked said it’d be the same price as the standard Series X but with double the storage.

On the design, I’m not surprised that they didn’t make a cylinder. It’d be a major design overhaul to make it work.

As is, despite never using the disc drive, I’d be very unlikely to get one of these. I picked up a One, then One S, then One X and upgraded to the new design 360 when it launched, but this doesn’t feel particularly inspiring at the moment. I also think it looks better in black.

If I could trade in my existing machine and get the new one for an extra £100, I’d maybe consider it for the extra 1tb of internal storage, but tbh the 1tb internal plus 1tb card I already have seems fine.

This one doesn’t seem to be upgraded at all, the Exputer article states it’s the same system with no drive and targeting a lower price.

There is something quite wrong with the pictures; the jaggies and aliasing all around with extreme inconsistencies, in addition to the text labels being so jumbled up. Its enough to have me doubt their legitimacy.


Uninspired design.

Sort of defeats the purpose if you arent trying to sell to new people.

I do agree with one of the above posters that a 400 dollar price point wouldnt be appealing but a 500 one with 2TB storage. Keep series s still appealing from a price point.

I have no intentions of buying it because it looks ugly and for some reason looks thr same size

If its not smaller than standard X something is seriously wrong

If the design is not broken, don’t fix it. There’s no point to try to even make it even smaller and I think the way it is is because it’s the best they can get it right now without fucking up the air flow. A lot of people forget you have to make these consoles around the hardware instead of around the design. When you do that, you get 360 all over again the heating problems. It’s better for them to just keep the same design but give it a different color and reduce the price. Plus I don’t know what the point was anybody else getting this? It’s not a pro so I don’t think there was ever a point for none of us even getting this damn thing


For one of their Twitter drawings they should make it look like an old Windows PC case, and on the boot up screen it should play the Windows 95 start sound lol.

The console as it is though just looks plain and boring. Since they’re both white, that Starfield console skin will match it at least.

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People online saying it is very ugly. Dude, it is a white Series X, what do you expect?

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