Aliens: Fireteam - 25 Minutes of Gameplay | IGN First


They definitely nailed that Alien vibe with the location. They have 30 different Xenomorphs, which is interesting because there aren’t that many in the movies so it seems the developers has made their own?

12 missions, 4 different campaigns, sounds good to me! Visually really nice too.

Not so great are the walk and running animations, could use some work. But overall I like what I’m seeing.

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Any chance the campaign can be played fully solo or no?

Looks pretty nice. I like it. Won’t get it on launch but this seems like something I might pick up on a sale.

Alien Isolation was like the first Alien movie which was largely survival horror, and this game here seems to tackle the tone and genre of the sequel “Aliens” ie straight up Co-Op Action lol.


Given this particular analogy, I will l skip this game.

Ridley Scott over James Cameron, any day.

It looks really cool. They expanded the weapon options without them feeling too jarring compared to the movies’ iconic weapons.

There may be some skins already hinted at, like weapons from different colors. I don’t know how I feel about that.

There is 20 different ennemies, so devs have thought about having more variety than the usual xenomorphs. Pretty cool ! There is some kind of bosses with larger health bar.

There is different classes like engineer, heavy,… Classes have levels and different abilities you can use, like turrets, overclock, ect.

4 campaigns with 3 missions each (12 missions total), so that’s okay. They said 1 hour per campaign.

Each campaign has its own environment, so that’s interesting. The space station looks good., with larger areas and some small corridors and pathways.

It’s still in alpha, so i hope animations could be a little more fluid. But I really dig what I see. It looks like World War Z : Aliens and I’m okay with that. It even has a defense phase at the end of the mission with waves of ennemies.

Summer 2021 release date, so not far from now. I want to see more.

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Yes, they have said you can play with two AI.

Nice. I’m interested now. Thanks.

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Just finished watching the video, and it looks good. The feeling seems to be there, the environment is pretty respectful and neat, and the sound design seems to hold up pretty well too. They even got the composer for Journey to do the soundtrack here, seeing as he is apparently a big Alien fan.

Really curious too about all these new type of Aliens they have created, as well as these challenge cards to boost the difficulty.

I think it looks pretty good. The visuals are really nice and the concept is pretty solid. The idea of going to different very locations to clear out conceivably randomly generated Alien infestations is just a great concept that can result in a lot of replayability.

The only things that I don’t like about it may have more to do my personal taste than the quality of the product.

I personally like the idea of being a bit more methodical and going through the environments a bit more slowly checking the radar for any possible threats. Rather than running full blast down hallways into the next room which is your next engagement I think more of a battle attrition towards the objective would be better. But maybe that’s just me and it’s built on biases that were formed from other video games like Left 4 Dead and so on.

The harder difficulty and friendly fire options sound like they’re up my alley. Those could turn it from a run & gun into a more strategic game.

This looks good to me, but I’d like to demo it before committing. Outriders looked good in videos too. Once I got it in my hands… nope.

Has anyone ever made a horror game that was actually scary in MP? Not so sure this IP works well as an action game, even with low lighting. Looks nice but I am a bit skeptical it will do the atmosphere justice.

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Same here, I doubt it will be scary at all. But it looks like a lot of fun with two friends. Kinda wish it was 4 player.

This looks mediocre all around: uninspired objectives and missions, very clunky and stiff animations, unnecessary interface elements - like the giant red crosses marking a kill - …

I’m a huge Alien fanboy but I really can’t be excited about this. And yes, I know it is an alpha.

World War Z is not scary at all either, but there is a lot of tension. Defending your position while getting cornered, speeding through a crowd or just wondering if you’re gonna make it through is really what these games are about, not the jumpscares or fear of the ennemies.


I think it’d help to make things work if there are sections where you can set up defenses like they do in the movies too. That could be used to build tension as the defenses gradually are overrun and you have to gun down the rest. Or to have escape scenes too.

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Looks ok and fun. I think it really depends on the price for this game

I loved both movies for what they were, so I don’t mind either way.

And ridley Scott was the same guy who went on to make that abhorrent movie Alien Covenant so :man_shrugging:

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Covenant – I almost bet that he had a bet with someone: How dark can you make a storyline. He does this sometimes.

Aliens – is a movie that I can track with a graph of how it is ageing badly for me. Loved it when I watched it first (a looong time back), but right now it’s just a time filler.

Ridley is always right up there. The lore and the attention to detail is just chef’s kiss.

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