Age Of Empires 4 shows how Gamepass can affect a game development positively


So I was looking at Age 4 reviews, and a recurring theme among them is how while Age 4 is a great successor for the Age series, it does not revolutionize the genre, nor bring stuff over from other series that have been more active in the time Age was dormant.

The first thing I want to highlight is how gamepass enabled this. This scenario is precisely what we often talk about on how gamepass can make a game that wouldn’t be viable anymore, and we had this shine new example in a big AAA and that has been hugely ignored.

Bringing back an old IP dormant for over 15 years is already a big risk. Making it an AAA adds tremendously on top of that, and making something that will cater “just” to the fans of the franchise and not trying to coin on all the trends and innovations in the genre that could draw a bigger audience? Almost unconceivable by today’s standards. Ah, and on top of that, being a Pc only game in a era that is all about synergy and multiple devices interacting together. And yet that’s what Ms did.

And I think it was the right call. The IP was dormant for over 15 years being brought back by another team. As Rod would say, in those cases it’s better to first gain the confidence of the userbase (by showing you get what made the IP great and that you can create a new game on those foundations) then you break that confidence in the sequels by moving the game forward.


over 15 years

Oh shit, you are right, Age 3 came in 2015 :scream:

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I have seen this being used against the game in local reviews (which where not great).

What I don’t get is why everything has to reinvent itself? It’s not just games either… I like chocolate. I don’t want or need pizza flavoured chocholate even though it would be nEw aNd iNveNtiVe. Some things are great as is.


Exactly. I don’t expect the gaming journalists to get that (even though many clamor for creative freedom but don’t really mean it).

But they made the game they wanted to make with a very high budget, and I’m sure that this was only made viable due to gamepass. And I can’t wait for all the projects Ms has going on to enjoy the same benefits.

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Indeed, Game Pass will lead to a lot more niches being satisfied. When you don’t have to sell a billion copies you don’t have to appeal to everyone either. The service as a whole though becomes more attractive to more people.


I think you are right… plus well the reviews alone are whats getting me to play it later today.

It definitely appears to be a return of the king type scenario


Baffling how it doesn’t have a console version at launch. I guess series x will get the complete definitive edition next year at some point. Let the PC players beta test it.

I hope that the success of AoE 4 will convince MS to greenlight Halo Wars 3.


Also port Halo Wars games to pc Wtf

You can play it on PC

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Please don’t say cloud streaming.

I’m not sure if this is worse but it’s on the Windows Store :sweat_smile:

Lol no, that’s manageable. So I guess the first one is? That’s good.

But the second one isn’t. Would have been nice to have on pc before infinite launch to get to know the Banished better. Would be an amazing announcement to do at Nov 15th event but I highly doubt that. Either way I hope it does happen.

They’re both are on PC and have been for a long time

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Jesus christ I have no idea what I got confused with. Lmao, yeah it’s there.

I think i subconsciously had a hardcore steam loyalist moment, and conflated not being on steam to not being on pc, yikes lol :sweat_smile: My bad.

Thanks for the clarification, this is good. I’ll try going through them before infinite.

Do I need to play the first one to understand or enjoy the second? Cuz with short time remaining, I think I could only play one of these and the one with Banished would make sense.


Since it is an rts, maybe play only Halo Wars 2.

How old is Halo War 1?

Edit: Halo Wars was released in 2009. That is old.

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Banished is only in HW2 so you’re good to just play HW2, enjoy the epic cutscenes they’re so damn good. No big deal not playing HW1 imo.

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yep, that released when Ensemble studios were still a thing.

RIP :pray:

This game needs only a few improvements about graphic. The gameplay Is very good.

I made this thread if you wanna see the unit models in 4k with maximum details