Age Of Empires 4 shows how Gamepass can affect a game development positively

That is quite a lot of screenshots. :slight_smile:

Going to try it this weekend, and I’ve never played a game in this series before, so intrigued. Also that’s the beauty of gamepass because I haven’t played series before, but can now see if I like it which can make me become a fan of series.

I do wonder how Halo will perform with gamepass because I think a good portion of PC players will by on steam.

Yes, i know. This process took me enough time.

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Play through the full campaign story on Age of Empires. The story presentation and associated gameplay scenarios are always good.

After you have done that, play 1v1 against the AI on normal difficulty and slow speed.

Once you start mastering a few of these you can play around with speed and difficulties.

If you are planning to go online, play a few AI matches to understand the flavour first.

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