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Yeah, getting tired of Britt tbh and she’s not that good of a wrestler to build title around.


Danielson left WWE on good terms, so I can see them throwing a lot of money at him. Mox didn’t but, they are going to throw trucks of money at him and they could possibly offer Renee control of the podcast network(this is me speculating). As far as Cody who knows what’s going to happen. He could end up back in AEW.

I hope you are correct, it’s her time.

I know Danielson left on good terms but at the same time, they all left for a reason. They wanted to wrestle and that’s simply not what WWE is. Watching Danielson in AEW reminds me of when he was in ROH because outside of a few matches in WWE, he was extremely limited. I can see WWE throwing a shit ton of money at them. I just don’t know why they would want to go back after leaving in the first place. Money is great and all but if you’re not happy and being used properly, after a while that money doesn’t matter all that much especially if you’re a veteran wrestler who already has a good amount of money saved up.

If things go the way it looks like it’s going, I should be. lol

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Revolution was one of my favorite PPVs, AEW is on a crazy run all their PPVs deliver. MJF is probably going to cost Wardlow his shot at the TNT title and start that feud. Punk probably goes for Hangman or something I’m not sure what he goes onto, maybe something with Danielson?

As long as they are happy it’s all good.

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What a damn good episode of Dynamite…a title change, a new faction, a manager fired and yet another ex-WWE wrestler appearing in AEW!!!

I’m super happy for Scorpio Sky. Jeff coming in and leading to the end of AHFO is the best thing for everyone involved.

Agreed and agreed. I do wonder if Sky’s reign is just one week as he faces Wardlow next week. He either wins the title or gets screwed out of it by MJF. I’m going with Sky to retain.

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I think you are correct MJF screws Wardlow.

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This is depressing news… When I was younger I thought Scott Hall and Razor Ramon were two completely different people. Rest in peace to a legend.


Prayers up for him. He’s one of my favorites

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Is there any way to watch AEW without cable or a cable login? I cut the cord and have internet only. I think if you try to watch it online it wants your cable provider login which I don’t have.

You can watch it through “Fite TV”, but you’ll need a vpn and you’ll have to pay 4.99 a month for it. I don’t think there’s another way without torrenting it.

Sent you a DM.


Solid episode of AEW Dynamite last night. A solid main event cage match with Britt Baker defending the AEW Women’s World Championship against Thunder Rosa, The Hardys made their AEW tag team wrestling debut against Private Party, Wardlow challenges Scorpio Sky for the AEW TNT Championship and a good opening six man tag team match with AEW World Champion Adam Page and the AEW Tag Team Champions Jurassic Express against Adam Cole and Red Dragon.

Looking forward to seeing the direction of the story lines over the next several weeks.

well it looks like Cody Rhodes is in the WWE now

Yeah, good match with Rollins. Will see how he does in his second run with WWE.

Honestly, I’ve lost all respect for Cody and I feel like such a mark for believing his bullshit over the last coupe of years.

I don’t care which talent goes where and I think anyone should be free to pursue any and all opportunities afforded to them, but when you spend years bashing a company and making emotional pleas to fans and then turn around and do the exact opposite of what you claimed to believe in, it just feels wrong.


I don’t really mind because I’ve always seen him more as a WWE guy. Also he did help build the company, so it’s whatever to me. However, him leaving and now being a big star prob opened eyes for guys in the midcard or lower that you could go Cody route and become a bigger name