Activision-Blizzard: thoughts on game exclusivity?

In your opinion, will all future Activision-Blizzard be exclusive to the Xbox platform? All but CoD?


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This thread is about to go on :fire:

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Probably everything except COD.

Here we go again


Yes, you don’t spend 7.5… I mean 70 billion dollars to not have games exclusive.


Every person who said “these IPs make too much money to be exclusive” for Zenimax were 100% wrong; it’ll be interesting to see who wants to die on that hill again.


Cod I think will be on all platforms but Everthing else will be Xbox/PC/Xcloud

Activision Blizzard games are enjoyed on a variety of platforms and we plan to continue to support those communities moving forward.

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What IPs do they own again?

A lot

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Thoughts on exclusivity: YES.


Honestly I don’t care. Most of those games are Multiplayer games and to secure a big playerbase you should release it on all platforms. With that being said, and I’m a little petty, I hope they do the same stuff that Sony did. 1 year exclusivity on certain DLCs, weapon loadouts and so on.

My own opinion is that I think all future games, even CoD, will be exclusive. Same thing with Bethesda, support legacy games and communities, everything onward full-on exclusive.


Warzone and Overwatch stay multiplatform.

Future COD titles apart from Warzone? I don’t know. Maybe this is the time to transition the franchise away from yearly releases, go all-in on Warzone for the multiplayer aspect and the “main series” releases become something different. We’ll see.

Diablo IV is Xbox console exclusive. Any future Tony Hawk, Crash Bandicoot, that kind of stuff, is Xbox exclusive.

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I think they’re referring to current games here… not future titles. Wait and see.


I can understand why people would think CoD might stay multiplat

But there would be zero reason for things like Crash, Spyro or Diablo to still release on Playstation


I think Warzone as a platform will remain everywhere but other MAIN CoD’s? idk. Overwatch seems like something that remains multiplatform and I dont think anybody will complain if Blizzard can pump out content for it on a consistent basis unlike how they handled the first game.

The rest will never smell a Playstation.


The biggest question is how will this fix the japanese support tho? :slight_smile:

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warzone remains multiplat, i think going forward everything else is up in the air.