According to Jeff Grubb the Xbox August event has been moved to September

Then I think we can logically deduce that Sony’s date/price announcement willl also wait until September.

The fact that they will be on Gamescon and announce new stuff there it makes sense to move to September. I wouldn’t be surprise if the Series S gets announced at Gamescon to try to gain some market share back in Europe.

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I could see them announcing the console or maybe even tease it with just the look and announce the price at a later date. I don’t get why people say they must announce the console and price at the same time. I guess it would make sense if they talk about it and explain how it’s weaker and that but if they just announce the console name/look and say something like stay tuned for more info they wouldn’t need to say the price.

Then in the big price reveal event they can go into more detail what the box is, why you would want it and then the price along side the Seres X info and price.

I think the entire point of the Series S is that it’ll be the most affordable next-gen console between either platform holder. You have to announce the price as part of the reveal.


Especially now that the name of the console has been leaked. Sony also announced the PS5 DE without showing a price, so it could make sense. Maybe something similar to the reveal of the Series X at the TGA.

Can you tell me why it has to be announced at the same time? if they announce/tease it at the end of their event and say stay tuned for more info they don’t need to. XSX/PS5 was announced and no price.

exactly what I’m talking about, do something like XSX at TGA but Series S at Gamescom then announce all the other stuff about it in their september event

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Because the selling point for the XSX and PS5 is the power, the overall experience, the new software library. They’re the flagship products.

The entire point of the XSS is “It’s an XSX, but cheaper!” and if you can’t actually communicate that it’s cheaper in a meaningful way… What are you using as a selling point?

I think you’ve misunderstood me, I agree with everthing you’re saying but they don’t need to say this stuff if they announce it at gamescom and say stay tuned for more infomation then have another event in September and announce everything and tell people why you want the Series S and say “it’s an XSX but cheaper!”

My previous comment says it well, do a Xbox Series X annoucment like from the game awards but the Xbox Series S at gamescom.

That way it would have more exposition too, potentially for the targeted audiences for XSS.

Is the series ‘S’ confirmed to be the entry level lockhart model, or is it a digital edition of the ‘X’ lacking the drive?

From the information of the Verge and Tom Warren, it is supposed to be a cheap low-powered console, with 4TF RDNA 2, the same processor with same clocks, same SSD, but less RAM, presumably 7.5 GB GDDR6.

I just asked on Series ‘S’ as It was generally considered cancelled, before being resurrected again recently, and I saw some speculation on twitter that the ‘S’ was just simply an all digital edition full power ‘X’ variant.

We’ll just have to wait until September now ( Hopefully ) for confirmation.

No, it is supposed to be exactly like what the Xbox One S was in comparison to the Xbox One X.

This dance has gone on long enough.

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Crazy that things are happening so late with console launches around the corner.

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They will finally reveal the prices when you go through the checkout process.


I guess this probably coincides with Xbox abandoning 20/20 road map.

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I’m getting tired of this. I need to step away from all this next gen discourse.


A few days ago when they announced Halo’s delay Shinobi said the same thing. I guess with Halo not launching with the consoles they have to rethink a few things

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