According to Jeff Grubb the Xbox August event has been moved to September

What I don’t understand is with the economy in the state that it’s in, in what world is giving people 2 months to pay for $500+ consoles the logical thing to do? I remember in 2013 didn’t the Xbox One preorder go live in like Spring? I remember paying that system off months and months in advance so wth? Phil has a retail model at home what is the delay???

I agree with @24thFrame. The announcement of the Series S will fall flat if they don’t announce the price with it to justify why it exists. This is especially true when MS really hasn’t done the best job selling the power angle with the Series X.

It’s one thing to announce a premium console and reveal the price later. The marketing first needs to sell the power advantage to justify the higher price. Not the same with a budget oriented console where the low cost is the main selling point. Otherwise why bother with it to begin with?


They actually have payment plan like Xbox All Access look it up

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Are people who are considering spending up to $500 on a console waiting until the price is announced to start saving? I’ve already saved enough for the console (unless it’s ridiculously high) regardless of how they price it and I suspect many others are the same. You don’t need to know the price to start saving.

The delay is obvious, they’re holding out as long as possible. They want to announce pricing second if they can, they want to be able to price competitively, especially with the rumoured Series S.

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I’m aware.

I agree with your first point but the latter I just still can’t wrap my head around it. If the XSX is going to be 500 whatever you price your XSS at, Sony will not be able to compete ANYWAY. That’s the entire purpose of its creation so who cares if you get to come out after Sony announces price to say, “Hey we’re cheaper over here” when its something that’s already expected.

One could argue that only we, the hardcore gamer, know about the XSS and it’s rumored price vs the casual gamer but that still gets negated once it’s revealed at 300$ anyway. Again Sony wont be able to beat this price so 1st or 2nd doesn’t really matter as long as the price is the price.

That begs the question, is it going to be $300? We don’t know what the price is and I’d agree if it was going to be $300 then Sony cannot beat that, but what if Sony is $400? Will Sony be able to demonstrate the benefits of $100 more for their their console?

What if MS are considering XSS at $350, and PS5DE is $400? They might not want them to be as close.

This is all speculation obviously but we just don’t know, and won’t until the price is revealed.

Waiting for September like…

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The price chicken game continues for another month. What a weird start to the gen this is feeling like due to the pandemic and how Sony and MS are acting this time around.

The Xbox Series S is going to have to undercut the PS5 Digital by at least 150 bucks. The PS5 Digital is going to be as powerful as the regular PS5, so no one is going to buy a noticeably weaker Series S if its only 50 bucks cheaper.

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Either both companies are just going to pull an Apple and officially announce price and pre orders like 2 weeks before launch or just pull a Sega Saturn and just announce the things are on shelves now the first week of November.

This is getting ridiculous.

Hello darkness my old friend…

Which unfortunately we’ll have to wait another month to see. And knowing Microsoft it’ll be end of the month for some weird reason

I don’t know for you guys, but I miss E3 and having all the information on the same day. I really don’t like this drip feeding and back and forth chase between Sony and Microsoft. We’re getting the console in November yet we still don’t know the price and we’re still speculation about one more console. That’s something I really don’t like.


This current state of affairs because Sony & Microsoft playing chicken on price.

Man, September is laaaate for pre-orders. Didn’t think it’d come to this, but here we are.

It isn’t that late. Mid-September follows the Nintendo Switch timeline, and late September is more like an Apple reveal. Was reading that Sony is a fan of Apple’s strategy, so I think MS is delaying as long as they can in the hopes that Sony will announce first.

The problem is if they wait too long, a lot of people will be enticed by the new Nvidia cards. I know I’m thinking about them at this point

Its absolutely critical that wait until sony annouces first and undercut them.

Same, this slow drip feed of information and digital events is not nearly as exciting. I much prefer a week of fun news.

ya this stuff is getting old. I am only buying one console this gen because of kids, family work so for the first time I am really taking in the info on both. I hate that we don’t know enough about either.

Playstation Sony always talking about its ssd but astrobot load times did not impress me. Why not show demos like xbox does of load times. GT looked last gen RE8 FPS issues. No Horizion Gamplay Where is the BC info? titles enhancments etc?

xbox you run on the power narritive but you havn’t showed me how your system is more powerful. Halo looks like an x1 game. and a lot of other games dont have realistic graphics like everwild. You show AAvowed and state of Decay 3 but don’t show gameplay. No new hellblade gameplay. Thats what they need to show to show xbox has power. We need to see gameplay better than spiderman dlc

This price war crap is annoying. I am honestly not sold on either system for the first time in my 30 years in gameing and I should be excited for both but the lack of info is keeping me from buying either. I mite wait for the DF videos before I do anything.

Thank you