A new Tomb Raider in development by Crystal Dynamics

New Tomb Raider Game to Unify the Timelines of the Original Games With the Recent Reboot Trilogy.

A new Tomb Raider game is currently in the works at developer Crystal Dynamics, but it’s still far away from being officially announced.

Awesome news. I did not expect CD to be back, since there have been rumblings about them working on another game like Avengers with online elements. Shadow of The Tomb Raider had so much potential, but it was nowhere near as good as the previous two in my opinion due to disappointing story and very bad balance between exploration and combat.

I have no doubts if CD had made it it would have been better.


Nice. Please be more like Rise and less like Shadow


Yes indeed!

Although I thought it started off great and promising. But the balance of combat and exploration was just bad! I don’t think CD had much of a hand in Shadow.

Im one of those that thinks Shadow is the best one in the reboot trilogy and one of the prettiest games ever.


I never got round to trying Shadow, was it too much combat, not enough? I kinda wouldnt mind less TBH.
Though thinking about it I recall someone mentioning there were kinda “combat areas” which seemed almost seperate to the game, was that the issue? Or have I misremembered?

100%. Rise is one of my favourite games of all time. Shadow was garbage.

Yeah, no thanks. If you want a shooting gallery play Gears of War. Tomb Raider should be about raiding tombs, not shooting 1000000000000 generic soldiers.

The absolute worst thing about the reboot and Rise was the overabundance of shooting segments.

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Give me the tombs from Shadow and the action setpices from Tomb Raider 2013.


So the best two games combined? Yes sir

Rise was just a warzone and I dont particularly remember it fondly because of this lol.

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They have to find the good balance between combat, exploration and tombs. They nailed it with the 2013 reboot, but then they lost it a bit I think. It’s a shame, they had the perfect formula from the start.

Nahh 2013 hasn’t really embraced tombs. If there is one aspect I love about Shadow: the tombs

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There was too much tombs for me. I liked it but they… ruined… the pacing a fair bit.

And I love stalking and killing badguys in the forest, sorry. It was the best part of Shadow… runs

Someone doesn’t like the Tomb in Tomb Raider

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2013 was the right amount I think. And I don’t want to think too much… :man_shrugging:

Play Uncharted :neutral_face:

No there is too much set pieces. I’m difficult, I know, sorry.

It’s really hard for them, because players all have different expectations about what is Tomb Raider.

Uhh Tome Raider 2013 is basically Uncharted with a different coat

Yeah. But there was a bit of exploration in 2013 that I liked, some wide open areas you could go back to finish exploring. There was some hidden stuff, optional encounters.

Or you could just go blazing through the campaign as if it was Uncharted, you’re right.

Rise and Shadow forced you to go back to progress further and it wasn’t as fluid as the first one. As I said, they have to find the right balance.

This is great news. The last trilogy was great, better than the Legend one in my opinion, but I’d also like to see a truly big evolution to the formula now. I’m always up for more Lara!