343i committing to monthly high-level Halo Infinite updates (Up: January post)

Inside Infinite - January 2021: Inside Infinite - January 2021 | Halo Infinite | Halo - Official Site


Thats encouraging :clap:

Something is better than nothing.

Especially after being so silent for so long

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Looks into dev work like that are fun to see. So much stuff one never considers.

Yea they said it themselves that the fan feedback to the demo made them consider things they didn’t before


I don’t expect to see gameplay tho. We’ll see.

They said no gameplay in the post just sandbox team going over certain things and context on their vision

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I think this game is going to suprise everyone …in a good way


Good very good :eyes:

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Good to know! I assume we won’t get much before June or July, whenever they have their big summer “E3” event.

Agree! I think they’ll nail it. 90%+ for reviews with a tonne of content. I can’t wait

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Infinite needs to score at least an 87-88 on Meta…why? Because that’ll put it in line with Doom Eternal, Titanfall 2 and Apex which are not only the best shooters but some of the best games of the last gen.

They are capable enough of reaching that both 4 and 5 have reached that

No in game screen shots at least is very disappointing to me : /

I’m expecting high 80s so something like 86-89 which I don’t think it’s wrong after 6 years without a mainline Halo game but I hope it hits 90s just because I think the hype would be even bigger if it did, if it does hit something like an 88-90 then I think it will be great, feels like for games like Halo it’s harder to get those 90s scores these days.

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It is, Titanfall 2, Apex, Doom Eternal are the top FPS of the past gen and considered to be some of the best games of the gen period and they range in the 88-89-ish range

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Yeah Doom Eternal and Titanfall 2 are incredible, I’m surprised they didn’t hit 90.

Hoping we learn what the team plans to do to fix the sandbox they broke over the last two games. The demo was encouraging but I’m interested to how that is stretched throughout an entire game, especially with hub areas introduced into the franchise.

Hopefully we finally here something about vehicles.

The first update is about the sandbox