343i committing to monthly high-level Halo Infinite updates (Up: January post)

I’m guessing the blog update coming this week will be on Friday.

Last one was on a Tuesday which is today is doubtful I think thrusday like the community updates

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Oh I know, that’s why I hope the team goes into detail on what they are doing to improve it. :wink:

Ah gotcha

Monthly updates? Cool. Very cool. Looking forward to the next one this week then. I liked the interviews in the last one. Excited to hear from devs in the sandbox team :+1:

Yea looks like the content drought finally over

Hype! Easily my most anticipated game of this year.

I think I read somewhere that the campaign is finished and been played …so they have had a full year to polish things up…really looking forward to this

That is Correct

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the campaign is indeed finished, staten mentioned playing through it twice. but it was said that the multiplayer was ahead of the campaign in terms of development because they were considering releasing the multiplayer in a separately. so overall, i think the game in totality is content complete and they are just polishing everything.

And probably getting content ready for launch and further : maps, seasonal content, modes.

They said the game will have every pieces of armor from every game, iirc. That’s a lot of work.

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These college essay length blog posts will filter the shitposters. :laughing:

That’s another excellent update. It was an interesting read because they set out their goals clearly & then explained in some detail just how it is they’re trying to achieve those goals. It also further built up my hype levels. I’m enjoying these updates. Kudos to everyone involved for taking the time.

Something hit me while reading. It feels like I just realised it, but should’ve done already. Halo Infinite could well give me what I wanted from Destiny, way back before it released. A big world to explore, that’s always evolving & adding new, exciting things to see & do.

Destiny felt like exactly that, to begin with. However, I think it quickly got bogged down in the fight between player & developer over that cursed “meta” & never, ever recovered. I’d hate for Halo Infinite to suffer the same fate. Got my fingers crossed for it & I look forward to learning more in next month’s update.

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Sounds like they have a great respect for what makes Halo great, are not including all of H5’s movement abilities, and are embracing equipment from Halo 3 a lot more than I expected. As long as the equipment isn’t too strong like bubble shields with shotguns or regenerators it should be fun.

Also like how they’re introducing other damage types; especially ones that counter vehicles.

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most importantly slide is in. important for fluid movement

halo 5 weapon balance with halo 3 equipment :ok_hand: