343 Confirms Halo Infinite Multiplayer Free To Play, 120 FPS for Multiplayer on Series X

Yeah, valid. While this F2P route is good for the franchise, it doesn’t necessarily have to be good for their ‘hardcore’ fans and the Game Pass subscribers.

Or play with the not so good stuff and beat them all with the standard weapons! #RealMasterChiefStyle

Lol, certainly an option.

You think they’ll keep the paywall for F2P too?


My OLED is ready for that 120 frames goodness.

Now just waiting on that announcement of Multiplayer going free

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Awesome that this is finally confirmed! They really seem to be making all the right moves when it comes to MP.

Glad to see that it’s finally been confirmed. My body is ready.

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This combined with Xcloud is going to mean a huge launch for Halo Infinite.

Also, thanks for the invite. I love the new digs!

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I’m excited to see what Halo looks like again with a mega community. The playlist and Forge possibilities will be endless. As long as they’re not going pay to win, no cosmetic monetization will bother me. If Battle Pass was in Game Pass, it could drive a lot of people to the service.

My brain is now working out ways to try and get a 120hz tv or monitor, have come up empty so far but damnit I won’t give up!

Neat to see, hopefully quite a few games will opt for modes like that. I’ll still be predominantly on PC but it’ll be fun seeing a lot of poeple get their first taste of high refresh rate gaming.

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Microsoft wants Halo to become a behemoth like in the Halo 3 days. With this move they definitely have a chance.

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I wonder how long Halo Infinite can keep the interest from a broader eSports and Twitch audience. Will it do Valorant numbers at launch and drop off? Or will it have a sizeable fanbase and competitive scene that will last them for a few years?

I think Warzone and Apex Legends are the examples 343i should look at. And I don’t know if Halo’s moment to moment gameplay is engaging enough to achieve that.

That’s where you have Arena mode for that type of esports scene. I think Halo has enough multiplayer modes that can lend itself to multiple scenes building. Especially when you have some where it’s big team battle and others it isn’t.

The F2P model is gonna help Halo tremendously.

Fun to play =/= fun to watch though. And I wonder if the return to the CE artstyle will help with making the game more visually pleasing for eSports and Twitch streamers. Really looking forward to seeing the multiplayer. (Not to play myself, but in a broader perspective)

What I’m saying is that because you have more people playing it, you have an opportunity to have people watch different modes. Obviously Halo has their own esports stuff. I’m just saying that with the amount of people that will be able to play, things can grow. The audience isn’t as limited as before.

That’s true.

Baffles me that they don’t have some sort of MP flighting for Game Pass subbers. Those poor servers on day 1. :sob:

One thing I think people don’t realize until this will launch is the sheer amount of content and variety in halo multiplayer.

Assuming we don’t go backwards and cut modes, Infinite is going to have arena combat with various modes (including swat), big team battle, infection (hopefully at launch), and of course Infinites version of Warzone, if it exists, or something even bigger.

Couple that with content support for, well, the foreseeable future, and the amount of content in this free to play game is ridiculous. Surely there has to be a catch somewhere.