343 Confirms Halo Infinite Multiplayer Free To Play, 120 FPS for Multiplayer on Series X


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To me this lines up, I am 99.9% sure this is going to happen.

F2P multiplayer with exclusive skins and such for Game Pass from time to time (kinda like Twitch Prime’s rewards) would be a really smart move in this climate. Not that Halo Infinite is gonna have a player problem: to this day you can easily find matches on Xbox One-exclusive Halo 5 from 2015, so a hyped 2020 Halo launching day one on Game Pass, on Windows Store, on Steam, on Xbox One, Series X and xCloud is not gonna have troubles.

@Klobrille confirmed it lol

Yea, I imagine some portion of the battlepass or something will come in GamePass. They also stated no real money lootboxes so I’m guessing “in game currency” for loot boxes will be a thing. I’m excited to play with everyone. It makes sense that the custimzation is where you’ll see a lot of monetary stuff happen as costmetics makes sense. Looking forward to them revealing it. It would make sense to announce free multiplayer with free 2 play Halo MP. Maybe we shall hear more news this coming month.

Well, they just confirmed it.

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Yep, not a rumour any longer.

Goddamn, this is massive.

This game is going to hit 10 million in a week

At this point I’d be worried if it didn’t.

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Man, wonder what their strategy will be with this. The game could be huge at launch. A triple A F2P shooter launching on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Windows 10 and Steam at the same time? And a Game Pass sub that gives you the campaign, forge, etc?

Wonder how they’ll market this. If the multiplayer for free is true (or even only the F2P multiplayer part)… wow.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little worried.

F2P means an entirely new demographic and monetization. I hope this doesn’t get in the way of the arena combat. But, mp wise 343 has earned my trust, so I’m mostly just excited.

Are you worried about the demographic it might bring in? (On Xbox in particular) or the monetization model they’ll choose?

I don’t really see how Halo would work in a Fortnite model to be honest. It’s first person, the characters aren’t as colourful, there isn’t that much you can do with the weapons, etc.

I’ll have to check out how Apex and Warzone do monetization to get a better understanding, I think.

120FPS baby.

Holy shit.

More so the monetization. I’m not really worried about the demographic, as they jump games all the time anyway.

I’m more worried about it affecting the core of halo gameplay. If the game becomes ridiculously flashy, or if all the really cool stuff is hidden behind a battlepass I now need to purchase.

When I first heard the f2p rumours, I figured they’d do one big game mode free, similar to Warzone in Modern Warfare, and keep the rest of the MP as part of the paid package.

Though now that I think about it, fully free to play means a very large audience for forge as well, and that’s exciting.

I mostly hope they haven’t copied The Coalition’s style too much. Wasn’t a fun of their (earlier) MP passes, cosmetics, etc.

I’ll have to read about Warzone’s monetization some more.

Most modern games these days use the battlepass system. Hell even Destiny 2, a fully buy to play game with purchasable expansions, uses that too.

But the difference for me now is, I was planning on buying Infinite anyway. or even if I wasn’t, I’d have it on gamepass. But with the game going f2p, if they go the battlepass route, does that mean I now need to buy a 10 dollar battlepass every season to keep getting the good stuff? That’s my worry.