20th Xbox anniversary: could we Expect some something?

I really hope they put together an XO stream with new backwards compatibility, FPS Boost, and Resolution Boost announcements. And a documentary. New merch. And maybe a Halo campaign demo. And a Viva Piñata announcement.

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This is believable, since the back compat team have been very quiet since that big drop of FPS boost titles way back when.

They have to have been working on something, maybe doing a big push of the most requested OG Xbox and 360 title ports has been it.

I think that MS will do a blog post, a tweet and maybe announce new Gamepass games. I don’t except any new announcements like events, acquisitions or new games.

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I could see a documentary, some Game Pass additions and announcing the continuation of the BC program with a banger list (hopefully including some Sega games like Nick hinted earlier this year!). Who knows maybe a freebie for a limited time too. I don’t think that they’ll “celebrate” this with just a blog post.

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And a RT from Phil.


I’m guessing an Xbox Wire blog post where they look back on the 20 years of Xbox, the fridge will go up for sale alongside some new Xbox anniversary gear in the Gear shop, and like a twitter hashtag campaign where people inside and outside of the company share their favorite Xbox memories.

I am not expecting anything big - trailers for new games all but certainly be saved for the The Game Awards. And I am skeptical we will see anything in the way of FPS boost or backwards compatibility news. Maaaaaybeee a Halo Infinite Campaign trailer or something.

Would love some additional dynamic themes though - imagine one inspired by the blades?

I said this in another thread but I’m thinking we’ll get some social media posts and maybe a “through the years” compilation video with interviews of old and current top Xbox/MS brass. I don’t think they’ll have an event unfortunately. Maybe some FPS Boost to games but that’s it.

So basically a tweet, Xbox Wire post with a celebration video, and the fridge lol.

FWIW: 10 year anniversary was a prop for Avatars and a variant system.

This was for the 15th:


As a rule, I never ever expect anything cool. But if you’re that excited about it set some money aside and keep your ear to the ground!

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What other games could they do on OG xbox? there’s huge licensing and 3rd party property issues. Some games they probably can’t get period and I know there’s tons of 360 games they can’t get. The only OG xbox games I can think of are Otogi. Exclusives ones I mean. Otogi probably should get a remaster collection. I’m sure MS can get it if they ask Sega.

Yea maybe some old Disney games as they have worked together before

Yeah, would think their good relationship with Sega would make Otogi and Jet Set Radio Future possible. Kung Fu Chaos would make sense given they now own Ninja Theory (who used to be Just Add Monsters and made that game). I know Blinx came, but I think Blinx 2 is still not back compat unless I missed it?

Like you say, there are TONNES on the 360 side that need the BC treatment, but there are still a few OG Xbox games that could do with being preserved in this way.

Would be a good point to show halo infinite campaign, a montage of xbox in the past and maybe something showing what goes into the future. It is only about ten days before black Friday so could be a nice place to generate some hype for sales of the series consoles if they’re expecting to have a big restock for that

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Xbox Anniversary Celebration

Join us on November 15 for the Xbox Anniversary Celebration.

We are excited to mark this milestone with you as we celebrate some of our favorite moments from the past 20 years of Xbox. It’s been fun to reminiscence on all the memories we’ve shared with the Xbox community over the years and are excited about what the next 20 years with has in store as we continue to play.

Here are the details on how you can join in the fun:

  • The celebration will air on Monday, November 15 at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET / 6:00 p.m. GMT
  • You can watch the broadcast on the official Xbox channel on YouTube, Twitch, or Facebook.
  • Subtitles will be available in German, French, BR Portuguese, LATAM Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Castilian Spanish, Italian, Korean, Polish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Malay, Norwegian, Persian (Farsi), Portuguese (EU), Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, and Vietnamese.
  • The easiest way to find your preferred language is to watch the broadcast on the official Xbox YouTube page at YouTube.com/Xbox and select the “gear” icon in the lower right corner to select your language.
  • You can also watch with American Sign Language (ASL) and Audio Descriptions (AD) in English on the official Xbox YouTube channel.
  • For those planning to costream or create post-celebration breakdowns in the form of VOD coverage, we recommend you do not use any audio containing copyrighted music to avoid any action by automated bots, and to also abide by the terms of service for your service provider.

Xbox FanFest

  • Trivia: Test your Xbox knowledge! Xbox FanFest will be holding a special trivia event to celebrate 20 years of Xbox. The event takes place on Saturday, November 13 at 2:00 p.m. PT / 5:00 p.m. ET / 10:00 p.m. GMT. To attend, log in or sign up as an Xbox FanFest fan at xbox.com/FanFest and opt-in to the event on the FanFest Exclusives page. Opt-in closes at 11:59 p.m. PT on November 9, 2021.
  • Giveaways : Tune in to the broadcast to learn about the 20th Anniversary giveaways. You must be a registered Xbox FanFest fan to win. Not signed up yet? Sign up as an Xbox FanFest fan now at xbox.com/FanFest.

20th Anniversary Xbox Gear

Check out the Xbox Gear Shop on November 15 for new items celebrating all things Xbox. Shop at gear.xbox.com.

Updated Membership Badges

As a fun way to celebrate this 20-year milestone, we are updating the membership badges that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Live Gold members see on their profile page. The old badges which showcase how long you have been a member of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Live Gold will be replaced with a colorful new badge. No other changes are being made to the membership badges aside from the artwork, so the number shown on your badge will still be determined the same way as it is today. The new colorful versions of the membership badges will start rolling out in the next week, leading into the November 15 celebration.

Showcase Your Xbox Excitement

  • We’d love to hear about your favorite memories of the last 20 years of gaming so drop us a mention @Xbox with #Xbox20 to join in the celebration!
  • Customize your social media profile, Xbox dashboard, devices, and video calls with Xbox anniversary backgrounds. Get the full Xbox 20 Year toolkit here.

Thank you for being a part of Xbox’s amazing 20 years. We can’t wait to see how this community helps us shape the next 20 years of play!


Would the JSRF music be an issue? I’d hope not, but I suspect it might.


nothingburger again.

Give me 50 new BC games, and more fps boost, and that’ll be as good as new announcements.


Basically nothing . Very lucky if we get BC games .

I would love for them to show redfall gameplay. The game would technically be less than a year away. From the last game released deathloop we saw that at every event about a year before so this would make logical sense… then I remember its xbox and despite the amount of studios and projects they have they won’t show anything until VGA’s and those will probably just be CG trailers again. I would love for them to end the stream with here is a look at 2022 and you see gameplay from avowed. Another tease of starfield and forza along with clips from big gamepass releases like plage tale and stalker. That would be the smart thing to do. Either way Ill watch it I just have very low expections. I actually expect something like when Ryan Mcaffry interviewed the 3 former heads of xbox on unfiltered. I expect that level of show