120hz TV's and Monitors

With the announcement of Ori and Halo Infinite both supporting 120hz along with other 3rd party games what TV/Monitors are you looking to procure for this or do you already own one that you would highly recommend?


TV or Monitor?

I own a LG OLED C9 65" and I can fully recommend that TV. Has all the new stuff which is important, means HDMI 2.1 in all its beauty!

Owned a B6 before and the HDR on the C9 is double as good compared to before.

Also it is not likely to have any burn im how I use my TV. Only streaming and gaming, no 24/7 hours TV on.


As a PC gamer I’m kinda ashamed to say that I still play on a 60hz screen. Guess I’ll have to upgrade… haha.

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With my PC I game on 75Hz, not much better …

My 55” LG CX OLED is ready for Series X and PS5. Can’t wait.

I thought you would go for the 48" model …

An LG OLED is my dream, but not feasible $ wise. Hopefully sometime in the future, might end up going for a smaller monitor or something for now.

It didn’t come to Australia.

Isn’t coming to Australia

Hmmm this one just went down a lot in price, will have to keep an eye on it.


I need these prices to come down. Damnit.

My C9 is paid by October (zero interest 12 months financing)

I’m looking into getting the 48" model just before the Series X releases.

Have you ran into this issue yet?

I wanted the 48 but it won’t be available in Australia.

I don’t have that issue though. Luckily. I’ve had a different issue. Getting it swapped over tomorrow. Recent firmware update cause my ARC HDMI port to play up

I walked into my local Costco a few months back and saw LG B9 OLED’s on the shelf.

I was already in the market for a new TV and picked up the 65" model with a 5 year warranty.

Best TV I’ve ever owned and ready for some 120 FPS Halo goodness.

I am planning on upgrading my PC instead of a series x. So I am looking at 3 different monitors from newegg. Some are 1080p which is fine. I want good a FPS. However I may get a 2K monitor for better visuals in single player games.

I am leaning towards the gigabyte because of the higher resolution and its curved. Right now the monitor I am using has a 5ms response and that is fucking high.

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I originally had my heart set on LG CX 55" but then I heard of a cheaper alternative that’s getting a lot of praise around the industry for having a lot of the features of the LG OLEDs, uses the same LG OLED panel but for a cheaper price. I’m referring the the new Vizio OLED line which I will link bellow. I currently have a Vizio Dolby Atmos sound bar that I love paired with my Xbox One X.




Sony’s new X900H (or XH90 here in the UK) has been getting some praise for being a great priced next gen ready TV.

I bought a 2018 Samsung Q9 for the One X and it cost me an arm and a leg so I can’t justify a new one just yet good thing is that I can still game at 120fps at 1440p.

I’ve done a ton of research on this though and although the LG CX does have the addition of VRR over the C9 it doesn’t have the full bandwidth HDMI 2.1 support that the C9 has which could be an issue for next gen…

It’s a bit technical but basically the CX might struggle to run 4k120 at 12bit colour with HDR activated, you may have to drop to 10bit colour which will lose some colour accuracy.

If I had to upgrade right now I would go with the C9, it has a better price and is fully capable of full HDMI 2.1 the lack of VRR is a small issue but with next gen probably having much more stable framerates VRR won’t be as big of a feature.

If you are a US user then Vizio is absolutely the way to go, they have a new set for this year that has incredible specs including VRR, HDMI 2.1 and a full array local dimming panel with some amazing peak brightness for HDR at just $699, without a doubt the best value for money next gen ready TV, if Vizio were available in the UK I would upgrade my Q9 straight away for that price.

As for QLEDs I have to admit I haven’t had the best time with my Q9, it has incredible peak brightness showing amazing HDR highlights but colour accuracy has been a real issue compared to OLED and I find myself having to make constant settings adjustments for each game. I find the colour red on QLED sets is hugely oversaturated and anything displaying red quickly dominates the screen. They are also overpriced and because of the full array local dimming can be very bulky compared to an OLED.

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You don’t need to invest a lot. Samsung has some pretty good 120 Hz TVs for way less than 1.000 bucks. I own a NU8009 and am pretty happy with the picture and performance, even VRR works with a X (since 2018).

Question for LG OLED owners: have you guys experienced any audio delay when connect soundbar/home theater directly to the TV. Heard that every LG OLED has this issue.

I plan to buy CX when Series X launches. My 5.1 home theater only supports optical cable but Series X does not have optical port. My best bet is Series X => TV via HDMI 2.1 => 5.1 home theater via opitical

Afraid this will cause audio delay, I only want Dolby 5.1, not Atmos. Please share your experiences.