120Hz Next-Gen Gaming: All PS5 / Xbox Series X Games Announced + Best HDMI 2.1- Digital Foundry


I’m already getting FOMO as my oled is a few years old and only supports 4k@60 & 1080@120

Guess it’s time for a new TV… Mine can only do 4K 60 and that is not acceptable!

Man CX or C9, can’t decide? If we just would know how much VRR is used next gen.

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Good video from DF. My TV only supports 120Hz in 1080P. Let’s see what LG is cooking for 2021. It’s time to upgrade.

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Good to see MS supporting 120fps gaming like they promised.

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My TV doesn’t go beyond 60Hz, even at 1080p I’m afraid but I’ll be building a PC later this year or early next year and I’ll be getting a 144Hz display so it will be good to finally experience something higher than 60.

Never played anything past 60fps, but already prefer it to 30 badly, so I am really curious if 120 is a similar jump.

The CX has 40Gbps bandwidth and C9 has 48Gbps, meaning C9 can reach 4K/120 at 12 bit depth, while CX does 4K/120 at 10 bit.

VRR is CX advantage.

Of course, we will only know for sure if LG is telling the truth when the new consoles launch. There are no HDMI 2.1 sources yet.

Think I’ll buy the eve spectrum to replace my monitor. I don’t like buying something before reviews hit.

i’ve stared to see ads about eve. You have some good information that these monitors are the real deal? tempted to reserve the 4k 144hz one.

Surprised the C9 doesn’t also support VRR.

It does, but it reaches only 60 fps at 4K. CX goes all the way to 120.

VRR and ALLM are more useful for gaming, There is very limited native 12-bit content, and you can still support 444 12-bit if supports DSC. I will be looking out to check the TV/monitors has support for DSC+FRL. It looks like many HDMI 2.1 will not necessarily support DSC, and many will only have support for 6G PHYs,

I think I will upgrade my TV when Series X comes out but I am expecting 1080p 120hz to be the main thing MS pushes. Not sure how feasible 4k120 really is for most games. I might be surprised!

I am expecting most games on XSX to be dynamic 4K at solid 60fps. But there will be many games with 120fpsm certainly @4K if they target similar visual or little better visuals than FH4 or Gears5,

I’m in the same situation as you but found out last month there is another TV which seems even more interesting and fits more criterias for next gen gaming at a cheaper price. Please take a look.

Here is the other link from the video


I’m interested in the Asus ones that were just announced since I want 32 inch at least. Just waiting to see what price is like

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I will be upgrading my TV to one of the new TCL 6 series that are gaming certified with 120Hz when they announce them soon hopefully based on recent teasing. That series has been awesome for my Xbox One X for the price especially, and I love Roku as the OS.

That’s only with HDMI 2.0. The CX uniquely supports 4K/120 VRR with 4:2:0, with HDMI 2.0, whereas the C9 does not.

Both the CX and C9 support 4K/120 VRR with HDMI 2.1. Richard was either mistaken or misspoke in the video.

So in other words, CX and C9 should be virtually identical with next-gen consoles.