120Hz Next-Gen Gaming: All PS5 / Xbox Series X Games Announced + Best HDMI 2.1- Digital Foundry

Thanks for clearing that up. Was surprised when I thought the C9 didn’t have the same features, considering it’s more expensive.

I’ve looked at their website. They have released a product before. So it couldn’t be a total scam. It also says the deposit is refundable.

okay thanks for that info! I guess i am going to keep an eye on the ASUS and EVE monitors now.

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Slightly related… but would we have community members with expertise in building PCs? Would be interesting to get some tips from the community of what gets you the most bang for your buck to take advantage of these displays.

Along with 120fps on SX, id really REALLY like to see Microsoft tackle 21:9 support on their titles going forward. Dont see why this would be hard to do either…they are already doing this for the PC counterparts…why not just move those same features over to the flagship console??? I have a 4K OLED, nut I also have a 21:9 ultrawide that ill be using for the console…bake that into your console games Microsoft!

I put 100 bucks down on the eve spectrum. I saw they had some issues with their last project but it appears those issues have been fixed, or at least they are transparent and say all money is refundable on the spectrum. Reserved a 4k model for a 100. So owe 650( I got the stand)

I have a midrange Samsung 4K/HDR TV, which won’t handle 4K with HDR at 120 fps. Well, will got to upgrade to LG’s CX series or a newer model in 2021.

This is incorrect. The C9 does 4k@120 with HDMI 2.1 whereas the CX is able to do it with HDMI 2.0 devices but it is buggy right now.

The VRR range for both is 40-120.

Ya I was reading up in those issues. I’m a bit worried because there are still people who pre-ordered the eve 5(from 3 years ago) and still don’t have the product and can’t get a refund.

I want to pre-order so badely but think it’s best to wait.