12 Minutes | Review Thread


The events of Twelve Minutes unfold during the man’s romantic evening with his wife as it is interrupted by a Players find themselves trapped in a real-time twelve-minute time loop, doomed to relive the same terror again and again - unless they can find ways to use the knowledge of what’s coming to change the outcome and break the loop.

Twelve Minutes launches on August 19, 2021, on Xbox Game Pass, PC via Steam and the Windows Store, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Metacritic (Xbox Series X|S) 78

Metacritic (PC) 80

OpenCritic: 78




Didn’t watch the video myself, I want to see it all for myself, but SkillUp doesn’t recommend it. But I also see reviews that do recommend it.

Well, we’ll see soon enough!

Not my best review thread ever. Hopefully I get some time to get back to it tonight. For now, it’ll have to do :wink:

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Please don’t get me fired.

I will note this on my customer satisfaction card.


The game still sounds like something I definitely plan to be checking out on Game Pass as expected, and it is also clearly the type of game that benefits from Game Pass because it isn’t some big AAA cookie cutter game that many may not even try out otherwise because it just has overall really good scores and not “great” in somebody’s mind when reading the aggregate score sites.


This is a shame. Blessing was super hyped for the game. :confused:

Reviews are all over the place for this one. Good thing it’s on Game Pass, so people can experience it for themselves.


At the same time, other members from Kinda Funny liked it a lot.


Which is odd because Greg and Barrett seemed to really enjoy it.

Oh well, I’ll find out how I feel about it soon! Does anyone know exactly when it unlocks? Does the NZ trick work?


I think someone said it unlocks tomrrow at noon EST globally but could be wrong.

Reviews seem mixed thus far but still, an 80 overall for this kind of game is damn good in my opinion.


Ill do my own review for myself since its on gamepass

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No idea what my final opinion will be, but I’m not relying on game reviewers to figure out if a story is good or not. Usually a polarizing story is a good thing anyways.

Not sure the story is that divisive, is it? My impression from checking about a dozen reviews was the main complaint was the gameplay was repetitive with players having to slog through stuff they already went through.

Can we finish it in 12 minutes?

Completion times are 7-8 hrs it seems. If ya know everything ya can likely do it though.

Imagine that in a time-loop game…

From the reddit review thread it seemed like some people liked the ending and others thought it was frustrating, but also seems like some of the repetition is tiring. Also saw that there are ways to skip repeated scenes ala Doki Doki too.