1 week left! Share your speculations about Xbox Games Showcase 2024


Cool topic.

Its easy to guess a lot of thigs, Oblivion Remaster, Gears Trilogy, Gears 6, Doom etc.

Im more interested in stuff like a new Banjo, Killer Instinct, Blue Dragon 2 and Double Fines next game.

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Blue Dragon sequel? Amazing.

I had a freaking dream that Sleeping Dogs 2 got announced during the show and absolutely nobody saw that coming. What with MS having ABK now I guess they then would have made a deal with SE. But I don’t remember any of that anymore.

Fuck I’d love that so much. :unamused:


Clockwork Revolution has a rally strong chance to show up.

Or it’s just inXile shitposting online.

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Hope so based on Nicks rumor. I dont see much point in remastering a backwards compatible game that visually still holds up. Sequel is the way to go IMO.

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I predicted Double Fine would show Kiln last year - obviously not correct. But I’ll stick with that this year.


It’s not on Game Pass for some reason and also not available for PC. As much as I’d prefer a sequel, a remaster would be much easier to find a studio to do.

Quarrel 2 shadowdrop.

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There are 2 games i’m really hyped for:

Perfect Dark, should 100% be there, i’d be disappointed if it wasn’t, im also a bit scared to see how it looks, we know development on this one hasn’t been easy, hope it’s doing well, i’m in need of some action-stealth spy adventure, this one, 007 and Splinter Cell are taking so long…

State of Decay 3, as a fan of post apocalyptic and zombie stuff, i’m looking forward to this game, i liked first 2 games, tho they could be better, wonder if they’ll repeat a similar kind of game or if they’ll go for a Dayz-ish kind of game. Sadly i’m not so sure about this game showing up, i’d say 70-30% for it to appear.

And then…

Avowed, while RPG is my favorite genre, and Obsidian has made some of my most loved games, i’m not 100% sold on this one yet from what i’ve seen and read on interviews, would like to see more of the RPG parts of the game, the cities, inventory, NPC’s etc and less combat this time.

Clockwork Revolution? - Wasteland imo is probably the best MS game in the last 10 years, inXile are geniouses, but their last game was in 2020, they’ve moved from isometric to first person games, and RPG’s take a lot of time, i don’t expect this to release before 2026 so i doubit it’ll appear this year, no problems, let them cook.

Starfield? - While i could call Oblivion (and skyrim’s close) my favorite single player game from this century, i wasn’t a huge fan of Starfield, for me the best part of Bethesda’s game is the exploration, and while Starfield didn’t have any, i saw some comments from Todd Howard on an interview that gave me some hopes saying they were aware of the criticisms about this, so i’m curious to see what they did with their next expansion, if it’s more exploration focused and less about more missions i’ll be in.

Also curious about Gears 6 graphics.

As for surprises and big game announcements i don’t think we’ll see many, this might be more about showing old announced games, and i’m fine with that, let’s hope there aren’t many leaks, but i guess everything will get leaked 2-3 days before the event.

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Yeah, Clockwork could show a deep gameplay trailer if they want to drop it in 2025, we don’t know much about the development yet.

So for me personally, I want Xbox to show me tangible gameplay as well as a focus on single player focused titles rather than live service.

In terms of known quantities, I am most looking forward to a possible Perfect Dark gameplay reveal. However if the game does show up, I dont want a trailer a la Fable which while “in engine’”, told me absolutely nothing about how the game plays. I want to see actual moment to moment gameplay. Otherwise - for me, just dont show up.

Im also super excited to see more of Avowed, and shattered space. With Avowed, Shattered Space and Indy… my autumn/winter looks stacked.

Im curious about SoD 3 but if it just looks like another online focused live service then I will likely not bother.

In terms of speculated titles - I would absolutely love Gears Collection to be real and a Fallout remaster. Id have said Oblivion, but i think they wont want to overshadow Avowed.

As for “unknowns” - something Banjo related… or FF16!

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Off the top of my head the two i’m looking forward to seeing gameplay from are State of Decay and Perfect Dark. I’m not overly bothered by how long ago they were announced but at the same time now is the time for us to see something from them (i remember back in the day where companies would release screenshots as updates on games!). State of Decay i feel has huge potential as i was a big fan of SOD2. I personally hope Undead have just taken the core game to the next level. If they can somehow marry the core gameplay with a stronger narrative focus that would be perfect for me. I can see it being quite popular if Undead really nail the game.

Perfect Dark I don’t have huge nostalgia for but at the same time there isn’t much like it on the market today so it potential can carve out it’s own niche in a way. The big question is whether it does follow in the footsteps of the previous games or if it ends up being more of a blockbuster/linear shooter. With Joanna Dark Xbox has the potential for another character to be seen as the face of the brand. I try not to worry about stuff like gaming budgets and whatnot these days but after the closures and stuff we’ve seen as late, it’s been a hot topic so it will be interesting to see how the market does react to a game like Perfect Dark when it comes out.

Doom I wasn’t expecting but after the rumours, it’s probably happening. I expected ID to move on but if they’ve got enough creative ideas for another game then i’m definitely excited for more Doom.

Back in E3 proper you almost couldn’t speculate about an Xbox E3 without thinking what we’ll see from Halo, but these days…it just feels the franchise is at a bit of a cross roads. I still get excited about a Halo campaign experience and i’d love to see a teaser or something to get people excited again.

Gears 6…i wish i was more interested but i’m not going to lie, the current story and characters just hasn’t hooked me in. I’m pretty much shrug emoji even after the big ending twist in Gears 5. Yes i am still nostalgic but i’d love for a game where old man Marcus was the main character.

There’s so much more that could be mentioned :sweat_smile: FH6 could that be potentially be announced? What will be the big game to end the show? Was it going to be Doom or have leaks ruined that? I have a feeling they’ll be a couple of surprises that get fans excited. One thing i “hate” to mention but it will be interesting to see how they navigate the whole multiplatform angle. Hopefully any discourse around that doesn’t take away from what should be a good show!

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Avowed, Indiana Jones, Call of Duty, Doom, Flight Sim 2024, Starfield, Ara, Towerborne, Ark 2, and Stalker 2 all seem like they’ll definitely show up. Also Blue Dragon since it’s been hinted at by so many people. Everwild also honestly seems like it might be a lock.

I think they’ll have at least 2 things at Summer Game Fest, maybe from the list above.

First Party

  • I think they’ll open or close with Perfect Dark, and it’ll be out Holiday 2025
  • I also keep expecting to see Kiln, so I’ll include that again here even though I’ve been wrong 3 times now; and I think it’ll be out this year
  • I think we’ll see a second game from Double Fine, out next year (25th anniversary)
  • South of Midnight for next year
  • Gears Collection out this Fall and Gears 6 next year
  • Clockwork Revolution - I think we’ll see more of this & it’s expected for next year, possibly next Spring/early Summer
  • I don’t think we’ll see Contraband at this show but possibly at Gamescom. Same for Age of Mythology
  • I think we’ll see Forza Horizon 6 and it’ll be out this Fall, and we’ll see Fable out next year
  • Something hardware, but not necessarily any info on a new console yet
  • Something about XCloud - whether a new Game Pass tier for standalone, or new feature, or possibly something with the hardware for this
  • Possible tease related to Fallout

From partners, I think we’ll see

  • Either Ryse 2 or Crysis 4
  • Assassin’s Creed Shadows
  • Star Wars Outlaws (and yes I know Ubi has a show the next day)
  • Dragon Age: Dreadwolf
  • MAYBE something from IO Interactive
  • At least 3 things from Japanese partners


  • Forza Motorsport (new track available possibly same day, show some new cars)
  • Another partnership for fictional flying machine for Flight Sim (either existing version or to both versions)
  • Fallout 76
  • World of Warcraft: The War Within
  • Elder Scrolls Online - but not the new ZOS project yet
  • Not sure about Halo Infinite unless they show off new game modes / some Forge maps to show how much variety there is in the game.

I want Gears 6 reveal.

I want to know if either FH6 or Fable will come out first.

Xbox 2026 hardware strategy.


It would be nice to see Perfect Dark and Everwild. Just to know those are real games that are coming out.

First of all this is a great fan art @Morich! cool stuff and the Lost Odyssey 2 art piece in particular is hilarious! :rofl:

About speculations and predictions I don’t think I have much to add since the previous posts covered all the bases so I’ll just say what I want to see the most and those are: Gears 6, DOOM (or is it Quake?): Dark Ages and Perfect Dark. I don’t know if I am expecting too much by anticipating all three to be shown with gameplay trailers but if they show those 3 I will be more than happy with the showcase.

From 3rd parties I want to see the new games from Playdead and gen DESIGN, Playdead has a good relationship with Xbox so there is a possibility there but I’d also love to see Ueda announcing his next game on an Xbox showcase!

I am really excited for the showcase and I think that this one has the potential to be one of the best Xbox shows ever. :partying_face:


I see all the rumors and expectations, but as always, going in expecting nothing and hoping to see games I want to play.


My long shot prediction is a new Killer Instinct.


I’d love to see more information about Perfect Dark and Contraband but honestly just looking forward to seeing good games