Zenimax Online is developing a new AAA IP on a new engine (updated)

This was first revealed in a Xbox Magazine interview with the head of Zenimax Online. Sadly, the Official Xbox Magazine is no longer.

Seems like they’re preparing to ramp up production for a new big MMO. Wonder how long they’ll keep supporting ESO. Seems to be doing well enough.

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I imagine MS is really going to get behind TESO, the game is already one of the top 3 MMO’s along with Wow and FF14 and I imagine that MS wants it to be a driving force behind Game Pass.

How big is zenimax online?

Devs wise wiki had them around 250 in 2012 and LinkedIn around 200 but I thought I read they were more than that in one of the recent press releases. They are also hiring 40-50 devs based on their job site.

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Something about this makes me think it wont be another mmo or at least it wont be as large of an mmo as ESO. I think they’re gonna make an open world rpg that’s entirely playable in co-op.

There is no way they are gonna develop a new mmo ip while at the same time also keeping support for ESO. I mean, this team alone is not like a blizzard where they can support a massive amount of live service games at the same time, the support is most def gonna have to come from somewhere I just don’t think its worth putting in so many resources into an unproven MMO in an already extremely crowded market.

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Reading a tweet like that I can’t help but wish BGS did the same. I would love to be blown away by their games again. Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim when they came out looked fantastic and while Fallout 4 had its moments it wasn’t that good looking at all.

And not to mention animations, but good thing is Starfield will have a brand new animation system, can’t wait to see that.

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