YouTube gaming view stats in 2020

YouTube view stats of 2020:

Minecraft had 100 billion views in 2019 and views got doubled this year to 200

Apperently we are living in a bubble and the ground truth is that best game right now is minecraft ( viewers engagement atleast )

GTA 5 is there - the only game i have played seriously.

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Microsoft was smart to buy minecraft, merchandising alone… education programs…


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I have literally heard of zero of those channels.

EDIT: Or Garena Free Fire

This is why when people bang on about ‘Xbox has no games as big as the Sony exclusives’ they don’t realise that even if you took every single Sony exclusive ever released and ever to be released and multiplied the whole lot by ten you are still only at a fraction of minecraft.

This list also perfectly highlights why the idea of AAA narrative driven games is so niche in comparison to the whole gaming pie. I would love for stats like this to be released more often just to place some perspective and I think to show Xbox’s wider strategy off - because the stuff people talk about daily is like 1% of gaming.


But it’s not an exclusive game. Yeah the game is sooooo massive.

Surprised that Minecraft is not just huge, but having several orders of magnitude higher growth.

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It’s insane. It’s already bigger than anything else AND keeps growing faster than anything else lol