Your favorite Xbox special edition of all time

There have been some really cool Xboxs over the years but nothing beats this

God what if do for a translucent green XSX.

I literally just sold one of these last month for $500AU

Plus a bunch of 360 Limited Editions.

But my favourite Xbox is probably the Minecraft One S. I have one they’re awesome.

I don’t have this model but I love the Panzer Dragoon Orta limited edition

The only limited edition I have is the Halo 5 one (with that loud start sound).


Halo 5 console and gamepad were cool.

I liked Star Wars’ and Halo 4’s Xbox 360 too.


I own 2 of these modded

used to be my all around media centre for years

I was just thinking - with Halo Infinite being delayed until sometime next year, it just slightly improves the chances of them offering a Series X that is themed for the game… I don’t think there was a chance of anything other than a normal one this year

I have the Halo Reach XBOX 360, that’s my only special edition XBOX, or special edition console, period.

I’m torn between the red XB1S Gears 4 Edition:

and the white XB1X Gears 5 Edition:

Both are insanely beautiful. If I had to decide, I’d probably choose the red XB1S.

I know it’s not everyones cup of tea but I actually really love this one.

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This is great… Looks so damn good irl. I love the custom sounds too, it’s a small thing but it’s a nice touch.

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It’s associated with a game and brand I have no interest in, but the Gradient Purple Xbox One S is one of my fave special editions for an Xbox I have seen . Mostly just for being a color I like and not overly branded. Being translucent would prob be the only thing that would make it even better for me.

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That is my favorite of all time. It just captured the disruptive nature of the og Xbox.

Mine is a tie between the Halo 4 Xbox 360 Special Edition console and the Gears 5 Xbox One X. The Halo console’s 90s-esque clear case with the Forerunner iconography is incredible, the blue LED was a unique feature, and of course (as always with Microsoft’s LEs) the Halo 4 sounds were fantastic. The Gears 5 One X does it for me because of the sheer engineering involved in laser etching the console and the combination of the clear coat with the “frozen” Gears logo is a testament to the hardware team at Xbox, and their love for their craft.