YHMAH Season 2 Community Stream this Thursday night? Reply here if interested!

Hey folks, reply to this thread if you’re interested in joining a community stream of Halo Infinite MP this Thursday night. I’d probably look to start around 7PM and people could drop/join in as the night goes on :chief:

Lemme know if you want to join me this Thursday for a night of Halo MP with the community live on our Twitch channel!


Reserved for a list of those interested


@Doncabesa GT Doncabesa

@SoulBlazerz GT Soulblazerz

@PoderickPayne GT Poderick Payne

@OneBadMutha GT LongDongJohnson

@Matesamo GT Matesamo

@Biggzy GT BBN Biggzy

@Somnia GT SomniaGG

@Mort GT XxMortimerMouse420xX

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Considering I’ll be playing halo around then anyway, count me in!

I’ll be back in town just in time. I’m in!

I’m interested if that is EST

Echoing @Matesamo here a bit, what timezone is it?

Around 7pm EDT US (-5) time zone. I’m on the East Coast of the US so that’ll always be the time I go by for future reference (when I forgot to add it in!)

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In that case schedule me in!

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I am going to put my name down, but because it will be kind of late in the UK, I might not be able to join. GT BBN Biggzy

Gonna be rusty. Will be nice to actually have a battle pass to unlock stuff for again

Count me in.

GT is SomniaGG

I’m going to SUCK, haven’t played since December.

LongDong…? LOL My gamertag is OneBadMutha friends.

Start hitting me up for invites around 6:45pm EDT or so, just about 6 hours from now. Mostly planning on BTB as it’s the only mode I’ve ever really enjoyed/we can do with more than 4 people :doge:

Pro-tip to those who haven’t been on the new BTB map. It’s really good, but there’s a lot places you can fall to your death. So be on your toes

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Will be a few minutes late, kinda forgot I’m watching strange at 4 30 lol.

Will join in soon as I get home

I’ll try to make it, not sure yet. I also suck, but you know that :wink:

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Not sure how long I’ll go tonight, feeling tired as heck for some reason. But I’ll be ready in an hour or so from now to get things started up.

I’m not going to make it sadly :frowning: sucks because I see others may not make it also. Some things have come up that I need to take care of before I go see Dr Strange.