Y'all ever just feel the urge to watch the Everwild trailer 10 times in a row?

Our world has a rhythm

We all sense it

But only a few truly feel it

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No because its just a CGI trailer for a game we know nothing about.

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Nah, certainly not. I rather not get reminded too much of a game that who knows how long it will take to even come out, and how it will look then.

It’s a great trailer though.

When the trailer was first shown I was hyped, then I thought “maybe it’s just like SoT” and my hype died down, we never got any official info as to what the game will be like so I’ve just been patiently waiting ever since, I want a single player experience with that art style, if it’s more SoT style stuff then I’m out.

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No and four years later, if they still don’t know what this game is going to be, it’s time for Microsoft to cancel it and for the team to move on to something else or perhaps, Sea of Thieves 2 for next generation.

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I get it… I watched Forza Horizon 5 trailer countless times during the launch and E3


Still a beautiful trailer.