Yakuza / Like A Dragon |OT| That's Rad!

I think the reason why they games don’t review better is franchise fatigue

Pfft, whatever. I finished up 7 at the beginning of 2023 and then played 0-6 between the end of September and now. I’m going to take a small break and then jump into Gaiden.

I’ve now reached day 20 on Donduku Island and keep thinking to myself that it’s probably time to get back to the main quest, but can’t tear myself away. Once I started unlocking the buildings/shops, I’ve become fixated with recreating my own Little Kamurocho!

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As I play Infinite Wealth, I can’t help but wonder why they don’t give me some combination of settings that make the graphical quality as good as in the real time cutscenes lol.

Come on RGG, let me put this 4090 to work.