Yakuza 0: question about the heat gauge and actions

I’ve finally started with the franchise, took me long enough but hey, better late than never.

I know that a few people here have played and finished Yakuza 0, so I’m sure someone here can help out. It’s not really a problem, just something that is slightly unclear to me. I rather not YouTube it for the fear of finding spoilers.

So the heat gauge fills up when I hit baddies with X or Y. When it’s two bars full I can use heat actions. The tutorials in the game itself tells me I can do these actions when I see a icon on the top right, but I never see it here. Basically when two bars are full, and I grab a enemy and press Y near a wall, that is one of the heat actions, right? I tried to do this while Kiryu was carrying a bench as weapon but when I pressed Y it didn’t perform a heat action.

So must I always first grab a dude for it? And this was in brawler fighting mode. I tried to do heat actions in rush mode but that doesn’t seem to do much. I’m gonna experiment some more.

Also, best place to sell trinkets at? I got a platinum plate, where to sell this?

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Some actions require you to acquire them/depending on the fighting style you are using. Yakzua 0 just has one of the weirdest mechanics for leveling up and unlocking stuff since it depends on the money you get around the place.

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Hmmm, I see.

And what about rush? I now have three full bars of heat while in rush mode, but I have no idea how to do the heat actions in this fight mode.

Rush Mode makes you attack faster and is better for 1vs1 encounters, Beast mode for mobs since it focuses on items surrounding you while the other is more balanced.

Heat actions all activate with the same but depend on the trigger. As you level up each style you will unlock more actions.

Beast mode? Is that another word for brawler mode or will I be unlocking this mode later on?

That’s a different fighting style. Both characters have 3 fighting styles, and an additional secret one. Also, Rush doesn’t have too many heat actions, there are some you can unlock but brawler and beast is where most of the heat moves are. As for your question regarding selling, you can sell your stuff at the pawnshops.

Does that include stores where I can buy health drinks and ramen and such? So far I’ve only seen those stores, restaurants and the places to have fun.

No, there’s a certain shop called Ebisu Pawn. You can’t sell your stuff at other stores. I recommend looking at the map to see where Ebisu Pawn is located.

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Ebisu Pawn is like in the lower middle part of the map in an alley way

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