Xuan-Yuan Sword 7

Anyone even checked this game out? Came out digital las week and is coming out physical next week. Looks like a PS2 era action game with a decent story. Set in China

I might buy the physical copy because you know its going to be 100 bucks in a years time. Looks decent reviews are actually quite good.

Its $50.

This looks pretty good but the graphics style screams “Shenmue 3” to me.

I mean yeah. Extremely low budget. I ordered physical copy from gamestop. I’ll give a short review when I play it. Reviews have been surprising decent for a game of this ilk.

Ugh my disc isn’t working. Series x doesn’t read the disc at all.

Put it in and nothing happens.

EDIT had to restart my series x

Watching the video, looks like something I’d definitely play.

One thing though, is this at least One X enhanced? Or even XSX?

Hmm,there’s this video. Not XSX optimized but seems 1080p according to the uploader of the video, and also…feels like 60fps but could be 30 he says, wtf, lol.

This guy really loves it

Apparently it’s a indie game!

Definitely 60FPS so series X enhanced. Can’t see how this runs at 60 on last gen.

Game is pretty low budget and a throwback to the PS2 era Action Adventure games. Story is surprinsgly decent and has a lot of emotional weight. Enjoying it so far but don’t expect AAA game. Combat is very basic has souls style combat.