XSX Launch Confirmed for November

“Whether you’ve played for years or have just recently picked up a controller, we can’t wait for you to see and feel the first big step into gaming’s next generation with Xbox Series X this November.”

Likely early November?

Well, that narrows it down. There are only 30 days in November. I guess the exact date will be confirmed via some store leak or by some rando on the internet.

First week apparently…according to Tom Warren.


EDIT: nvm, found it. Adding to OP.

It’s a start. Just need a solid date, price and to let me pre-order it.

November 6th is essentially a lock at this point.


Love the fact this was announced right after the Halo news lol. 1st week of November sounds nice and I will be there.

Now give me a price and a preorder link

Yeah let me order please.

Good, at least we have the month now wee need day and price… but any way without halo I think I can wait for 2021, in my country the prices are crazy on electronics and consoles specially dolar conversion it’s very high

I think they did it specifically because of the Halo news. They want it to be clear that it’s just Halo and not the Xbox itself that’s getting delayed.


Of course it is because of the Halo news. You always want some good news to accompany some bad news.


Now the question when we get the price. Personally I would not be surprised if Microsoft announced it first.

I‘m excited! Part of me has been thinking all month that Microsoft should have delayed their strong first party lineup in August for November. Tell Me Why, Wasteland 3, Gears Tactics, Battletoads, Flight Sim (console version) would have been very nice alongside third party games. But it is what it is.

Phil keeping his promise. I am impressed.

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They really shouldn’t. Losing Halo is a big hit to launch that undercutting can make up

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Excellent, that timing will work nicely with my MS Rewards points.

Tom Warren tweeted about November 6th about half an hour ago.

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They shouldn’t but I think they will. Xbox have an gamescom event and probably another one in august.

Sony didn’t event announcement any kind of event. There is the august rumour and that’s it.

I really don’t know how much Xbox can show the make multiple events and don’t mentioning the price.

EDIT: I’ve just read shinobis news drop. If they delay the main event to september and don’t show anything significant in the Gamescom show they will reveal the price after Sony.