XSX: Journey to the Savage Planet runs really bad. Is it my console?

Ok here’s the deal. Could someone maybe do me a favor and download this game and try at least the starting area? It’s the first clip.

This game is free until monday on Xbox. It recently was patched for Xbox Series too. The game has a performance mode now. I tried it. As soon as the game begins it seems 60fps until I look around and I get these micro stutters. Once outside it’s just really bad, barely ever a smooth 60fps again. I had this with Call of the Sea too but a acquaintance of mine said it ran fine on his XSX.

Here’s a clip of mine. It seems smooth until I rotate the view to the Grob machine, you see it bogging down.

Or here, smooth until i look at the area with the pink trees

And this here shows how it bogs down, until I look behind me where the sky is and not much of the map.

I’ve now did a hard reboot, I reinstalled the game, I disabled VRR to see if this was causing it, I changed from 120hz to 60, nothing helps it. Even tried a different TV.

Worried that it’s my X because according to a performance analysis video it’s super smooth at 60fps on both X and S.

weird, it runs fine on my series s

Extremely weird.

I decided to check out the Subreddit of the game and I saw several comments about the same issue, but about XSX. Perhaps the X version is the only one in great need for optimisation.

It’s a very fun game but man, it’s bad when it comes to performance for me.

Downloading the game now i’ll test it out and will get back to you.

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Thanks! I appreciate it.

Basically in the very first room it seems smooth but if you look around the room you’ll see the framerate dropping. But especially outside it’s just never smooth again, especially once you go through the cave into the open area.

If you don’t have the issues…then I give up.

I played it. Actually liked the game and plan to play far into it. I have no issues, everything seem fine.

i tried all the settings quality and performance mode, turn on and off motion blur, everything works fine for me.

If it just happen in this one game for you? then i would not worry.

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So damn weird.

I had it with Call of the Sea as well. But that’s about it. Wo Long too, but the game is known for that.

It’s a very fun game for sure. Finished the story, most side stuff and the DLC yesterday. A bad performance wasn’t gonna keep me away, after all I’m a Blighttown survivor. :wink: (Dark Souls)

It’s just puzzling to me how it can be fine for some and for a few others not. I thought consoles didn’t work that way.