XSX: Dashboard becomes sluggish after a while

Really odd issue happening lately and I don’t get it.

I use energy saving, since the boot up time is crazy fast and I don’t mind not having updates installed while it’s off. I did this because I expected a mostly flawless experience compared to always using instant on.

My XSX has been on for several hours now and no games are running, nothing in QR either. Yet for some reason the dashboard is sluggish when I move downwards to my games and apps, Xbox live gold, game pass, events, store, community, add more. When I scroll between them all it loads the stuff on the right side of the screen very sluggish.

Usually It’s always lighting fast. What is causing this? This is now the third time. Can I refresh the dashboard some way? There was a way on the dash on Xbox One X, but doesn’t seem to work here.

Here’s a video of it, kinda hard to see, but compare to your own XSX, should be fluid, smooth.

That video looks fine from what I can tell. Seems to move when I hear you moving the analog stick. Is there something I’m missing?

Yeah it’s very hard to see. But there’s this sluggishness, slightly stuttery when I move between the sections. Maybe you need to see the video in full screen, it’s definitely hard to see though. If I do a reboot now it will be fine again.

Watched it again in full screen and it looked fine still. After work, I can record a video of my dashboard for comparison. Maybe mine has been sluggish and I never noticed lol

Are you on any of the preview builds?

Made another recording, closer to the screen. You can see it more clearly now. Nope, no preview/insider.

Looks fine in both vids to me

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I started having the same issue the other night. It goes away after a moment, but it’s giving me Xbox One dashboard jank vibes and I don’t like it.

It generally happens when I first get into the store or into “My Games”, so it’s probably just a cache loading issue. Still sucks though.

Yeah exactly!

And when I’m in a game and I press guide on the controller the menu appears with that sluggishness too. It’s odd because the first month since launch I had none of those stuff. It also loads pictures slower than usual now.

The same sluggish effect when I scroll through game tiles in My games and Apps.

Hm I have not noticed anything like this… Maybe do a full shutdown?

Yep, that will fix it, until it comes back again. But I always do a full shutdown. I don’t use instant on lately. It’s odd.

On Xbox One X, I noticed that the dahsboard was faster right after an update. It was like starting fresh everytime, but after a while it became sluggish again.

So if it’s the same on XSX, it’s probably a cache problem. Did you try a soft reset by holding the power button for a few seconds ? That would probably fix it for a little while.

That’s different from just turning it off in energy saving? I thought I didn’t have to do the cache clean thing as long as I use energy saving. Guess I’ll go do that more often from now.


You can try it. It’s really just a forced cache clearing. Energy saving mode doesn’t do nothing about cache. So yeah, you can do that from time to time no problem.

Good to know. I think it’s been a while that I did a cache clear. Hopefully this brings a change.

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To be fair I did say prior to these new consoles launching that an SSD won’t be the panacea to all the Xbox dashboards issues.

Yes it’s helped immensely. But there’s still too much foundational stuff there that will never truly allow it to be that really crisp smooth experience the Switch is and PS4 used to be. Or even what the 360 was.

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I think the network integration plays a large role there. Can only pull data off of the servers so fast.


When u hold down on the analog stick it should zip through them very fast, like dominoes fall really fast, are u holding down?


It’s staggering how it’s still so not good.

It’s super easy and convenient to do on PS4/PS5 and Switch. On Xbox it’s just…it’s at a point where you just don’t want to bother sharing.