xScreen - Turn your Series S into a laptop (Kickstarter)

Speaks for itself:


Holy shit. This is so cool.


I was wondering when a device like this would pop up. It is literally the PSOne lol.

We were just talking about this in another thread, and we basically invented it in that thread. We’re so ahead of the curve here on Xbox Era. :sunglasses:

Seriously though I have one for my OG Xbox. It uses a power adapter but as I mentioned in the other thread there are USB powered screens nowadays that all you need to do is plug into the USB of the console. And the screen doesn’t have to be 4K, 1080p is good enough.


that’s awesome it reminds me of the Ben Heck 360 laptop.


Xbox 360 Laptop (Original) | Web Portal for Benjamin J Heckendorn (benheck.com)

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Told you this thing would do well, great as a second console or as a first for kids and families with less income. It already is getting accessories like this lol. And with the chip shortage, plus post Covid world, it might be one of the only ones readily available for a decent price.

Plus, try adding a screen like this two the Series X or PS5 heh. The form factor is perfect for it.

Series S remains: The little console that can! Now we only need more family friendly/blue skies games and we are set!

Someone mentioned elsewhere that it’s only 60hz? Somewhat disappointing considering it’s a 1080p display I think, might have been smart to spend a little bit more on a 120hz display for the Esport fans.

I’ll still be keeping an eye out for it. Seems early bird is already sold out and I missed out on it, will see if the have other cool offers like that soon!

I don’t think it’s made to substitute a TV or good monitor, so I don’t see a problem with it being 60hz. It’s probably made as a temporary solution if you’re traveling or something.