Xdefiant players complain about Snipers but it's it really that bad?

I mean this is CoD and it seems so much worse. Thoughts?

It could be that the reason they’re playing XDefiant is because it’s different enough to CoD but feeling familiar. So having something like sniping be somewhat as broken(KB&M is likely being used in this clip) as in CoD, is giving them a bad feeling that it will become a bigger issue in the future.

It’s a hot take, as I haven’t played a lot of modern shooters, but I have always hated snipers. It feels good in games where a sniper rifle is a power weapon or CS where it’s expensive to earn it.

I dunno have a pet peeve of mine in general (that and artillery trucks in BF)

I tried to play CoD Warzone again recently with some friends, joined and was literally spawn killed from a sniper immediately, respawned and the same again.

It was like this the entire match and I had no idea where it was coming from. I was quickly reminded why I don’t play the MP :rofl:.

Arena shooters are definitely much more fun IMO, especially old school Quake/Unreal.

Yeah, spawn camping is pretty annoying, I think the worst I’ve experienced in Halo is during Husky Raid. When the other team get hammers and just stay in your spawn killing everyone.

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Husky raid, I can’t complain. The game mode is designed to be chaotic and stupid

I don’t find snipers an issue anymore in Xdefiant after the patch.


Not when the other team can win at anytime as they’re already scored 2 points are holding the flag for the third but are just spawn camping to inflate their kill count.

Grrrrrrr reminds me of the glory days of Halo 3 - loved online with uni housemates, but in Big Team Battle on Sandpit if your team weren’t great you’d end up trapped inside as the other team patrolled the battlefield in those bloody vehicles.

It caused me to spend so much time getting good with sticky grenades, just so I could get revenge next time round - it then became my favourite “I’m going to die, so have a sticky” trick.

Served me well on Guardian where some sod would run around with the hammer - as I’d sail off the edge to my doom I’d hear the sticky hissing to take them with me :slight_smile:

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CoD once it reached MW2 (was that CoD4?) became out of reach for me in MP lol - my younger brother had the speedy reactions necessary but I was generally to be found hiding in a corner wanting it all to go away :stuck_out_tongue:

Every time I’ve tried since I find it’s got even more chaotic and fast lol.

My era I think was CoD2 - we had to play local as the uni blocked Xbox Live, and 4 morons running around those little maps with 2 on shotguns and 2 on snipers was great fun.

I still remember you’d press the button to breathe in and steady the shot, and everyone would screen peek to see who was in the crosshairs - you’d then see the player dance back and forth seeing if it was them, and to try and get away.

The ranges were a bit off though - sometimes the shotgun seemed to kill at a longer range than the sniper rifle - and by default team kills were on which was a pain in the arse as one mate would always check at the start by shooting you in the back :stuck_out_tongue:

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To be honest even when I’m on the winning team and that starts happening I get mad.

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It makes me want to team kill.


I do usually start standing next to the person holding it and throw a grenade at them. Sometimes they take the hint.


Ha, glad it’s not just me!

The shooting in the back made me giggle :rofl:.

I’m not sure if it even is the reaction speeds or just the style of play. If they released a new Quake or Unreal Tournament I’d be all over it and that’s often ridiculously fast gameplay.


Lol I think for me it’s my brain to hand coordination - my reaction times were better than most I think, but my brain panics and just thinks “do something!” which usually results in me hitting the wrong button.

I imagine it’s related to being autistic - and why many games now offer in accessibility an option “on QTEs accept any input, not just the right one” as I’d never get past some otherwise lol.

It does actually appear to be getting slightly better with age I think as my reaction time slows a bit and so my brain gets more time to think - plus with age comes experience and more of a “fuck it, who cares” attitude so relax more compared to being young where it felt so important :stuck_out_tongue:

Also think my brother grew up on 60fps whereas for me it was SNES and PS1 on PAL 50hz TVs lol - I’ve never been able to tell 30fps from 60fps and I don’t think the muddy colours in CoD games helps, I do a little better in Halo and Unreal Tournament which matches more closely with the bright games of childhood lol.

Saying that I adored Unreal Tournament as a teenager but absolutely sucked at it - it was the first game I could train on with bots, the awesome announcer which I loved when Halo had similar, and just fun multiplayer.

Lots of excuses here, feel free to use some - I’ve had years to come up with them so happy to share!


Ha! I might just have to steal a few :wink:.

Glad it’s getting better over time, I agree I think it’s much easier to have a who cares attitude as you get older…

I used to pay for and manage about 7 UT2004 Servers, a website/forum and two Teamspeak servers so I spent most of my teenage years either playing or managing things to do with UT :roll_eyes:. I’m still frustrated that Epic have essentially given up on UT.


I haven’t played after the patch, but yes, snipers were op. You’d come up on one, see the scope glint and lay into them with an SMG/AR/LMG but somehow they could still aim perfectly and one shot you anyway. Also, bunny hopping was bad too. Hopefully the patch fixed those issues.

Newest update adjusts flinch behavior, further nerfing snipers.

Ranked mode is soo boring in this game. I dont see ranked getting much playtime in this game

Literally the only way I like to play MP shooters is to camp somewhere, hide and snipe.

Well you wouldn’t like XDefiant then. It’s objective based, most of those objectives moving around the map, and some modes unlocking and locking entire sections of the map as the game progresses.