'XDefiant' Hits 7.6M Unique Players Per Insider Gaming, 4th/3rd in DAU for PS5/Xbox


The game is addictive. It’s not great, hit reg is weird, but it’s a F2P alternative to Call of Duty. It does the job keeping you invested, upgrading your weapons and unlocking stuff, but I don’t see it dethroning Call of Duty like ever. I unstalled because it’s a bit too addictive but it feels cheap from top to bottom, almost ready for mobile release cheap.

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I have put close to 25 hours now. The biggest flaw for me the lack of any progression or sense of satisfaction to keep playing.

I have seen everything that it needs to offer and some new operators who dont do much as just more like a skin without any special abilities is very meaningless.

May be update the UI toke make it seem more rewarding. Free content need to have something as well like player cards, emotes, may be add prestige’s for leveling and there are less skins

Cod has perks as an added layer and this doesnt so the challenges become a bit basic. I think atleast for progression we can something like old fps games like cod and halo.

Overwatch for me is a really good example for how to make you feel like you are always achieving something

It seems like there is nothing much to unlock other than weapon achievements.

Also may be a restriction on the classes you choose might be good. Havent happened much but I had few games where entire enemy team used barriers and we couldnt really do much and another game 6 players had intel suit class and we were constantly being pinged and it just got frustrating.

It took me about 25 hours to unlock a Gold Camo for one gun with 3 days of double weapon XP. So the grind is massive

@Jeans I agree. I gave it a shot over the weekend, great first try, but in reality it is in competition with COD. And COD does 99/100 things better. I bet COD Mobile is even a better game. I played with my usual casual COD brother’s and we’re all in our 40’s now, and we all uninstalled it and went back to COD.

I think Ubisoft did way better with Rainbow Six Siege. I played that quite a bit. It actually differentiated it self, was unique and high quality. Direct competition with COD is a high bar to hit. Halo is still great because it is a unique experience, and we much rather play that than XDefiant.

But I will say that I hope they keep going and trying new things, because you can only hit “Lightening in a Bottle” if you take risks.