xCloud Touch Controls : Leaving Controllers Behind

I wanted to give a try to xCloud using touch controls since they just added a ton of games (never played on mobile or a tablet with this kind of controls so that was my first time, in fact the only mobile game I ever played is probably Fallout Shelter) and I was pleasantly surprised by the results. :open_mouth:

Played (on a Redmi Note 7) some games (Sea of Thieves, Hellblade, Tell Me Why, Jetpac Refuelled, Hotshot Racing) and I think the controls worked way better than I expected once you’re used to these, including combats. Especially SoT as I wasn’t expecting this game to be playable without a controller, K+M or Razer Kishi in the first place.

Also tried some Killer Instinct and had a lot of fun, I definitely loved it, probably my favorite experience with SoT. I think fighting the AI in this game is perfect for playing on the go, big replay value. I’m not a skilled player though so I was just having fun and not trying to make particular attacks, but it seems executing complex combos works pretty well too.

I’m not sold on Gears 5 though. I think the game is both too fast paced and complex in its gameplay for touch controls, I need to spend more time with the controls to have a definitive opinion about this one (I just played 2 games and didn’t try play solo).

EDIT: activated gyro controls and did the tutorial and it’s much better now ! I’m actually impressed and surprised by Gears 5 once you learn how to play it. With some practice I feel it’s going to play really great.

(recorded this in Multiplayer mode)

About Yooka-Layle and The Impossible Lair, some levels work fine but had some big troubles on some sections that I felt were too punishing for touch controls. Need to spend more time.

However, New Super Lucky’s Tale was fun to control and seems well optimized and friendly enough for touch controls.

One game I didn’t play yet but really want to play with touch controls is Viva Piñata. Seems like it’s very well suited for this.

Obviously all of this is still in Beta, these games will always have a better feeling and play better with a controller (or the Razer Kishi) but overall I’m very satisfied with the experience and I hope to see the touch controls library expanded (seems like that’s the goal if the recent batch is any indication). These are interesting experiments.

Some games seem to be perfect for this model and having an instant and large library of classic games playable on my phone without a controller or external peripherals is a promising and exciting future in my opinion.

I really would like Forza Horizon 4 to get touch controls in the future. After playing Hotshot Racing, I think it may work very well (especially with the Rewind Time function that is quite friendly).

I saw it was showcased (“simulated”) at the GDC 2019 so I have hope to see it happen ultimately.

For those who tried it, what’s your opinion on it ?


Quick comment - Cool thread. Need a catchier title!

The tactile games that are currently available in Mexico are only Gears 5, Hellblade and Minecraft Dungeons, so they are the only ones I have been able to try. Minecraft Dungeons is perfect but I can’t say the same about Gears 5 and Hellblade, the problem with both games is the right stick, it doesn’t feel free, for example, if I want to run straight to the right, I can’t do it while holding the stick because the camera turns completely to the right, the same thing happens when walking or being in combat, that makes the game very difficult.

@FarSightXR-20 took the liberty to update the title. Feel free to change if not liked.

Thank you


One major drawback of the current controls is the 2nd joystick which is usually used to move camera should be like native touch games where you touch anywhere on the screen with your right thumb to look around, would free up the clutter the huge button causes on the right-hand side.

I’d also like some transparency settings for the controls, the white buttons are too in your face right now.

I like the what they are doing with the custom buttons for each game, getting these controls right will go a long way in reaching their game pass goals. I hope the new 1st party releases all have day 1 custom controls into xcloud.

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Xbox is doing great here. But true innovation we will only come when games will be actually optimised for touch interface.

Just imagine FH4 with touch controls as simple as Asphalt on smartphones. The game will be crazy addictive. Easy to play and AAA experience. Let there be mobile modes or something.

I hope touch controls for Halo Infinte be as simple as touch controls for PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile. The game will be a hit on xCloud.

Bring AAA graphics with smartphone touch controls. And you have a winner.

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honestly still mad FH4 doesn’t have touch controls yet, like the literal biggest game on the service.

Can Touch This :smirk:

Replayed Gears 5 but this time I activated the gyro controls (with max sensitivity) + completed the tutorial and practiced a little against the AI in the Beginner mode and it’s now so much better ! :open_mouth:

Playing solo now feels close to a controller and playing multiplayer is now much more enjoyable. I feel that with more practice it’s really going to play great.

I need to play Horde mode also.

Here’s a clip from my last game :smiling_imp:

I just need my phone to kill Locusts now :smiling_imp:

Really impressed actually. xCloud is so hype :fire:


I think excellent touch controls are important because removing the need for a controller with the clip-on reduces friction to using xCloud.


I played Tell Me Why over a month ago with a poor internet connection with touch controls and it was still great. I’ve fixed my connection since then but I’ve completely forgot to get back in.

It’s a game that suits touch very well.


Yes, contextual touch controls are a big advantage xCloud has over other services which use a generic controller overlay or don’t support touch at all. Hopefully they upgrade the server blades to XSX spec soon.

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Mmm and this one ?



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Both ? (so I can keep just one)

Both work.

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Not exactly about the touch controls, once I still not got used to it, but I ordered a clip for the controller and have to confess; I’m now a Xcloud believer, caught myself playing some small games before going to bed more and more. I have been using a lot of streaming as well, atm playing Octopath traveler and Narita boy using xcloud/streaming. What a powerful platform Xbox is building, impressed with the direction it is going.


That’s what i am excited for. More engagement. That’s what handhelds do. That’s why I believe Nintendo is exceptionally popular.

Form factor is the king.

Played Banjo-Kazooie and Wreckfest and it plays really good !

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