xCloud question

Does X-cloud only allow Gamepass games to be played, or does it allow you to play your games library? And if it allows you to play with your own game library, can you play all games including physical games? If you are playing outside how does it confirm you have the disc? I would be disappointed if you can only play digital games, and it would be anti consumer to say the least.

That really wouldn’t be anti-consumer at all.

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Right now it’s only a selection of games from Game Pass. We’re all hoping it’ll be your whole digital library someday. But as far as physical games, that seems impossible.

XCloud is Gamepass games.

Want access to your personal library? Do remote play with the new Xbox app. You’ll have to setup your Xbox for that though.

As far as playing physical games via remote play consider this: You wont be able to switch between physical discs anyway because you’re playing remotely and not at home. I can’t see why you can’t remote play a physical game that’s already on the tray though.

You will be able to play the games you own too via Cloud Gaming. Currently, it’s only a selection of Game Pass titles.

As for physical games… I don’t think that will be possible. We need a physical -> digital program where you could convert it and throw away your phyiscal copy. Then it would be possible.

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Yep that is the end goal. To access your personal digital library through XCloud wherever you are.

Yeah I just tried it with Dying Light in the tray, it works the same way as streaming to a Windows PC.

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Thanks for the confirmation. :+1:


I think I read that it was just GP for now, but they planned to open it up to everything ya own down the line.

You have to buy Gamepass ultimate

More then 150 of Gamepass ultimate games are present to play

Physically and digitally owned games are not playable yet - but will be in future

Even in future - playing a physically owned game could be tricky. We really don’t know how Xbox will enable this.