xCloud on iOS via the web, PC version of xCloud in 2021


We need coverage expansion!

I’m still waiting for a Mac version. Considering how…sparse gaming is on Mac, xCloud could be huge.

Perfect timing for the Aussie launch in 2021! :smiley:

As expected, since Amazon revealed Luna runs on Safari on iOS.

I wonder if Edge browser might be more better for implementation or does it have to be Safari to work?

Well, if they could run it on iOS via Safari, then it would also work on macOS I assume?

I suppose it could, but since macOS isn’t anywhere near as closed as iOS there is nothing stopping them from doing a legitimate application for it. I hope they natively support it.

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Good news! Was really unsure which smartphone to go for next, but this instills certain confidence it could be an iPhone for the first time.

Was thinking of switching to Android next and dreaded the day I’d have to ditch my iPad Pro and Apple watch. Really happy they’ve figured out a way!

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Great news.

Apple wanted to frustrate its competitors to give Apple Arcade an advantage. Now Apple gets no potential revenue from the likes of Stadia, Xbox GamePass and Amazon Luna.