xCloud needs to support Smart TV's and browsers ASAP!

I’m open to the idea of streaming games. I used the service OnLive way back in 2010 pretty frequently. As more companies get into the streaming game, there’s one thing they all need that OnLive had, ACCESS!

Xcloud so far will support mobile devices, but I hope MS makes swift moves to support just about every connected device, Smart TV’s and browsers very much included.

I think once that broad range of devices is supported, then adoption for games streaming will be significant.


I did hear something about it coming to samsung TVs a while back

It will come in time. :slight_smile: We should be on the lookout for the Samsung event this Thursday. Maybe something will be announced.

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I think I know what you were talking about, but from what I remember it was just the announcement of a partnership?

The Samsung event is this week I believe. Bet we here about some of their Xbox related plans then.

I wish they’d fix the IOS app, haven’t been able to login for weeks. Love XCloud, such a nice way to play during the weekend while kids are playing or on the TV.

We also thought this, but it actually was an announcement of Game Pass in Samsung’s Access program. It was not an announcement for xCloud on TV.

Could still happen though, MS and Samsung are partnering heavily on xCloud it seems.

Hope they support Panasonic too.

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In time. I wouldn’t expect a bunch of TVs to support xcloud at launch.

I definitely agree! iOS and Apple‘s restrictive guidelines to streaming content are the much bigger hurdle for me at the moment though. I have had my Android smartphone for more than two years now, xCloud Preview works fine on it. But boy, if I could take my iPad home for holidays, I knew where I‘d be gaming on the go! Apple still has this walled garden mentality unfortunately, I hope they’ll work something out with Microsoft beyond that US-only Halo MCC test balloon which they are having now. I‘m not sure they‘ll announce something soon enough so that I could safely buy an iPhone. I‘ve tried using my former Android Lenovo YogaBook for xCloud - and it crashed multiple times, unfortunately. Website says it‘s supported but the tablet just seems to be too old.

I think MS wants to avoid the mistakes made with Stadia. They don’t want to promote xCloud as a replacement for traditional gaming. Because it isn’t. A 720p stream with minimal latency works great on a phone, but not so much on a 65" screen.

I could see them pushing Smart TV and streaming box apps forward in 2021, when they transition their xCloud datacenter to Series X hardware. I could see this allowing for lower latency and higher quality (1080p+) streams, at which point it would make sense for them to bring the app to Smart TVs, and even last-gen Xbox One consoles.

Panasonic tvs use the firefox OS, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up, maybe it could work through the web browser which is pretty good considering its done by Firefox.

They need to work with Roku on a SKU that has a controller included asap.

Yep. That’s the biggest one right there, along with Firesticks. Wonder how chrome cast, and Apple TV will feel.

What i need is south america support

the mobile market here is huge

The biggest thing here is if it is tied to a TV I don’t want. I don’t want a samsung. Please come to TCL.

I agree, but it likely has to do with processing power too. As far as I know, TCL TVs don’t have Bluetooth to communicate with controllers and I doubt we’ll see that happen anytime soon. I could see it coming to LG and Sony TVs (via the android tv store)

That sucks if true. I only want Roku tvs.

I would think, if anything we will see this integrated into the Xbox App, previously the Xbox Game Pass Beta. Supporting multiple browsers could be a bit of a logistical nightmare and likely is made simpler by giving you a single place to go to either download or stream an Xbox game.

As for the Smart TV point, I think whatever Lockhart (Xbox Series S) turns out to be, might be the answer to this question. If that box is as cheap as people think it is, it is likely designed to fill this niche if you just want to stream games and maybe have a small number installed.

Was looking for new phone for my wife and saw this deal that comes with a Razer Kishi. They need to push for folk to get their hands on these or equivalents.