xCloud is phenomenal

#Xcloud In and itself is a valid and wholesome reason to subscribe for #XboxGamePassUltimate ; for all PS dudes who don’t want to own #Xbox can play all the exclusives through #Xcloud (who don’t own a gaming rig too) ‬You don’t have to buy a game unlike Stadia post subscription!!


It’s not gonna substitute console gaming for everyone anytime soon, but it’s the future of gaming for many who can’t really afford a console, those who have no room for one, those who are always on the go, those who don’t know if they like gaming enough to “waste” hundreds of Euros between consoles, games and whatnot. It’s exciting.


It sounds cool and all and a great feature but I don’t see myself using it apart from maybe trialing a bunch of games real quick to see what I want to play next.

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Couldn’t agree more.

It’s pretty awesome. Suggestion: buy a Razer Kishi. It’s awesome and I wish I had waited for the special Xbox version with the X style button and proper colors. Best part is that it connects by USB C so there is no Bluetooth lag. Unfortunately you can’t pass audio through that port so you are stuck with Bluetooth headphones as your only option. In this case, get the Razer headphones since they have minimal audio lag.

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It may replace console gaming for diehard PlayStation fans that don’t want to be seen buying an Xbox. Lol.

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It’s not something ill use often but i can definitely see the appeal.

I’m excited for it to launch and for people who haven’t had the opportunity previously to be able to game in the Xbox ecosystem, or even game in general. It’s great to see Xbox being more inclusive and at a fair cost. This could reach a lot of people who aren’t normally marketed to or focused on in the traditional gaming space, which is awesome.

Also. Make sure to use the 5ghz and turn off QOS on your routers if you are having issues.

Its great but 60fps is kinda needed for it, 30fps and u can feel the lag.

Yeah, thinking I may just break down and get the Kishi. Wonder how improved the local streaming will be with the XSX. It is already good on the One X so any improvements would be icing on the cake and I would only really ever be local streaming this stuff anyway.

Yeah, its great that you dont actually have to own Xbox hardware to play/try MS games now. (and if you dont have a good PC.) Im sure there are a lot of Playstation only gamers who have never even tried most of the exclusives ! Might even make some of them interested in investing in a proper home console experience to play them in their full glory !

I’ve been in the beta since December, I’ve played a great deal of games on it Halo 5, Bleeding edge, Killer Instinct, Ori 2, Recore, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider, UnRavel 2, Sea Of Thieves. Batman Tell Tale

its VERY cool I’ve had few issues with it and have been able to play long sessions at a time

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Really interested in it and console streaming, I am primarily a handheld gamer. Though at the moment lack any android device to use xcloud with, between getting a fancy gaming laptop and eventually a lockhart I might end up not using it as much as expected, but it’s still one of many reasons my interest in xbox has been renewed.

been in the beta for a while and since day one it was solid but honestly its so good now i decided to invest on the contoller clip and I play games in bed all the time.

Once im out and about post covid XCloud is honestly gonna be my main way of mobile gaming unless i know im going somewhere with zero internet, then i guess ill pack a switch.

Right now its what I want the switch to be, deliver full current gen console experiences on the go. When the update the service to include 1080p (maybe higher in the future?) streaming as well as upgrade the servers to have Series X spec blades its going to be incredible because as of right now my main complaint is that coming from PC and One X some of these games are kinda ugly and the 720p stream can make them look extra soft.

Do you have a link for that clip? Seems to be exactly what I’m looking for